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what is the result of a force distributed over an area

gas pressure

collisions of helium atoms with the walls of a closed container cause

volume temperature and number of particles

wwhat three factors affect the pressure of an enclosed gas


raising the temperature of a gas will increase its pressure if the volume of the gas and the number of particles are

lowering the temperature

which of the following will cause a decrease in gas pressure in a closed container

charles law

the law that states that the volume of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature in kelvins if the pressure and the number of particles is constant is

constant motion

accordin th the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of matter are in

solids, liquids, and gases

according the othe kinetic-molecular therory particles of matter are in motion in

volume decreases

what happens to the volume of a gas during compression


what does the constant bombardment of gas molecules against the inside walls of a container produce

pressure = force / area

what is the definition of pressure


what instrument measures atmospheric pressure

570 mmHG

convert the pressure .75 atm to mm Hg

0 C

standard temperature is exactly

2220 mmhg

three samples of gas each exert 740. mmhg in separate 2 L containers. what pressure do they exert if they are all placed in a single 2 L conainer

5 atm

if five gases in a cylinder each exert 1 atm what is the total pressure exerted by the gases

small whole numbers

gay-lussac recognized that constant temperature and pressure, the volumes of gaseous reactants and products can be expressed as reations of ___ ___ ___

number of moles of gas

at constant temperature and pressure, gas volume is directly proportional to the

avogadros principle

the expression V=kn is a statement of

22.4 L

the standard molar volume of a gas at STP is


what determines the average kinetic energy of the molecules of any gas

kinetic molecular theory of matter

states that all particles of matter are in constant motion


___between the particles of a gas and the walls of the container cause pressure in a closed container of gas


the pascal is the SI unit for

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