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Music 201 Final Literature

Author of Decameron
Four reactions to plague
Flee, be merry, superstition, isolation
Nickname for Decameron
Human Comedy
Author of the Canterbury Tales
Chaucer's career
well-educated diplomat
Literary transition from medieval to renaissance
Canterbury Tales
Themes of Wife of Bath
misogyny contrary to Christianity; sex is a gift
Time of great vowel shift
Between Chaucer and Shakespeare
Author of The Book of the City of Ladies
Christine de Pisan
Time period of Christine de Pisan
late medieval
Themes of Christine de Pisan
virtues of women; opposes alleged vice of women
What was "The Book of the City of Ladies" patterned after?
Augustine's City of God
Author of Oration on the Dignity of Man
Theme of Oration on the Dignity of Man
humanism, man is glorious pinnacle of creation with agency
How many theses in Oration on the Dignity of Man?
Author of The Prince
Themes of The Prince
Humanist philosophy for secular reform
How to keep power once you've got it
Fake it, swift punishment and small rewards, wisdom and ruthlessness, calculated cruelty, amoral ruler for amoral people
Did catholic church ban The Prince?
Character named after Machiavelli
Old Nick
Author of The Praise of Folly
Who was Erasmus?
Christian Humanist (Catholics/Protestants didn't like him), friend of Thomas More
Key Points of The Praise of Folly
humanist philosophy for spiritual reform
Scathing satire of church
simple, faith-based church
Author of Defense of the Liberal Instruction for Women
How to identify Cereta
Feel like you're being attacked
Author of The Courtier
Castiglione's style
Style of Plato or Cicero
Castiglione's ideas of chivalry
classical virtues, humanist learning, strong ethics, courteous, skilled fighter, well-spoken
What is The Courtier
Handbook for wealthy, aristocrats, elites
Author of The Autobiography
Who was Cellini?
Florentine goldsmith, sculptor, adventurer
Key Points of The Autobiography
Fathered 8 children with various women
Banished from Florence for sodomy
Murdered a man in Rome
Insight into sculpting process
Very egotistical in description of casting Perseus
Author of Of Cannibals
Montaigne essays
Collection of essays in response to St. Bartholomew's Day massacre (slaughter of thousands of French Protestants)
Personal musings on literature
Holy war vs. noble savage
Author of Enchiridion
Martin Luther
handbook for religious teachers in reformation, question-answer format, how to teach the 10 commandments
Author of Hamlet
Who was Shakespeare
Greatest Writer of english history
Histories, tragedies, comedies
classical antiquity, supernatural
Renaissance and Baroque elements
Innovations in English
Key points in Hamlet
lots of word play, idea of "play-acting"
Author of Paradise Lost
Key points of Paradise Lost
Last epic poem, first novel?
Omniscient narrator
Makes Satan seem like wronged hero
Brings together Revelation and Genesis
Depicts Hell as city of gold and art
Author of Leviathon
Who was Hobbes
English Philosopher in Baroque period, enthusiastic for authority of law and monarchy
Hobbes' ideas
cynical view of man's natural state: solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short, needs strong government
Author of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Writer who came after Hobbes
Locke's writing style
calculated, rational, thorough, wordy
Locke's ideas
argues against innate understanding
knowledge and ideas from perceptions
no predestination
influenced Enlightenment
Author of Tartuffe
Character who claims to be religious ascetic, yet is highly sensual
Plot of Tartuffe
Character deceives 1 into giving him his fortune. 1's wife tries to expose Character. 1 is oblivious and wants to adopt Character. 1 catches on and Character nearly evicts 1.
Goal of Tartuffe
deflate pretense, depict characters as victims to flaws
Author of Don Quixote
Points about Don Quixote
satire of chivalry
reality vs. fantasy, art vs. life
comedy and tragedy
Lady Dulcinea and Wagon of the Parliament of Death
Dies in disillusionment
best novel in the Spanish language
Author of Canonization
points about John Donne
educated, clever
member of Parliament
worldly early career, subdued later
wrote of human experience: sexuality, mortality, soul
physical passion and religion intensity
What kind of poet was Donne?
Metaphysical poet
Points about Canonization
contains both religious and erotic elements
Death metaphor for consummation of love
religious metaphor (canonization) for consummation
Author of The Wounds of Our Crucified Lord
How metaphysical poets work
combined 2 dissimilar ideas to explore deeper symbolism
Points about Crashaw
obsessed with pain and suffering
Violent rejection of Puritanism and embracing of Catholicism
virtuoso literary devices
Fuses religious fervor and eroticism
Points about Wounds of Our Crucified Lord
Image of Christ's wounds as mouths
Wounds and kisses literally blend