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U.S. Global Context

American Federation of Labor
one of the 1st labor unions started in 1894. Promoted "pure and real" uninionism. Concerned with aspects of working conditions, pay, and control over jobs. President Samuel Gompers believed that a union of all skill levels impractical
John D. Rockefeller
One of the richest men in the world. Created the 1st trust with his company: Standard Oil Company. Started in 1870. Gained monopoly through horizontal monopoly changed to vertical monopoly.
Eugene Debs
Leader of the IWW in late 1800s. Ran for President from 1900 to 1920 under Socialist Party. Founded first industrial union: ARU-American Railroad Union. Arrested under Espionage Act for speaking out against America during WWI and the Red Scare.
Panic of 1893
occured through collapse of 74 railroad companies, 25% unemployment. Signified the move West from the East. Railroads expand West.
Mabel Dodge
Neglected as a child. Represents the struggle of becoming someone. Advocate of fine arts. Held "salons" in Greenwich, where anyone could come and talk about anything. Represented Bohemian Movement.