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Medical law and ethics

Illegal is always unethical?
A branch of philosophy related to morals, moral principles, and moral judgement.
Explores and promotes principles guiding conduct of healthcare professionals.
Medical ethics
Dr. Bernard Los clinical model includes what?
Gather info, clarify ethical issues, resolve the dilemma.
What is included in the three step ethics model?
Is it legal? Is it balanced? How does it make you feel?
Examples of bioethical issues we see in today's environment?
Cloning, stem cell research, and gene therapy.
Central government
Smaller government
What are checks and balances in the government?
So no one single branch of government can control the entire government.
Legislative branch
Senate and house of representatives
Judicial branch
Judges and federal courts
Executive branch
President, cabinet, and advisors.
Knowingly performing a tort against a patient.
Bodily harm or unlawful touching, without consent.
False imprisonment
Taking action to confine a patient
Defamation of character
Making false and/or malicious statements about another person.
Attempts to deceive another person
Invasion of privacy
Break in confidentiality
What is respondent superior?
'let the master answer'
Employer liable for acts of employee within scope of employment.
Scope of practice
Must understand and practice within guidelines of profession.
Must understand and work within scope of practice for discipline.
Must understand and follow chain of command.
Health maintenance organization
Preferred provider organization
Exclusive provider organization
Diagnostic related groups
Conscience clause
Legislation or regulation stating that hospitals and healthcare professionals are not required to assist with such procedures like abortion or sterilization
Implied consent
Verbal or by action consent
Performing a wrong or illegal act (bad)
Improperly performing an otherwise proper or lawful act. (mistake)
Failure to perform a necessary action (doesn't do anything)
What are the four d's?
Duty, dereliction, direct or proximate cause, and damages.
Malpractice insurance
Insurance physicians carry to cover and damages they must pay if they are sued for malpractice and lose.
Public health records and vital statistics
Vital events in a persons life, used by government to determine population trends and needs, and public duty of physicians to report vital events.
What is included in a death certificate?
Date and time of death, cause of death, how Long treated for the disease or injury, presence or absence of pregnancy, and was an autopsy performed?
When does a medical examiner need to investigate?
If the death is violent in nature, criminal abortion, related to a contagious or virulent disease, person confined to jail, unexplained or unexpected cause.
Communicable disease
Disease that can be transmitted from one person to another and are considered a general threat to the public. Ex. Rubella, tuberculosis, tetanus, cholera.
What are evidence of abuse?
Photos of bruises, urine specimen, clothing, bodily fluids, or foreign objects.
Why should medical assistants study medical law and ethics?
To have a moral structure, to protect you and your employer from being sued, to make a sound decision based on reason and logic, and to know what's legal or illegal.