science final review Cells

What does the compound light microscope do?
It helped scientists to develop the Cell Theory
What does a Vacuole do?
Temporarily stores water, waste, and food.
What does Chloroplasts do?
Traps sunlight and converts this light energy into chemical energy.
What does the Cell Wall do?
It provides support and protection and surrounds the plant cell membrane.
Cytoplasm is...
is gel-like substance found inside eukaryotic cells.
The Nucleus is located...
inside the cell and it functions to direct all cellular activities. It's the CONTROL CENTER of the cell.
The Cell Membrane allows ...
water and nutrients to movie into the cell and allows wastes to exit the cell.
Mitochondria is the ...
"powerhouse of the cell". Food is broken down to release energy.
Ribosomes are..
cellular organelles where proteins are made.