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  1. Giovanni da Verrazzano
  2. Treaty of Tordesillas
  3. New France
  4. Spanish Armada
  5. alliance
  1. a Italian sailor who sailed for the French with hopes of finding an all-water route to Asia
  2. b people or nations involoved in a pact or treaty
  3. c large fleet of ships sent to invade England and restore Catholicism
  4. d first permanent French colony in North America
  5. e 1494 treaty in which Spain and Portugal agreed to divide lands of the Western hemisphere between them and moved the Line of Demarcation to the west

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  1. practice of one person being owned by another
  2. grant of Native American slave labor
  3. conquistador who defeates the Inca
  4. person sent by the Church to convert Native Americans to Christianity
  5. economic system that increased money in a country's treasury by creating a favorable balance of trade

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  1. racismlarge farm or estate


  2. Jacques CartierFrench sailor who sailed up the St. Lawerence River to present-day Montreal


  3. slave codespractice of one person being owned by another


  4. middle passagesettlement created by the Spanish church in order to convert Native Americans to Chrisitianity


  5. exportrunaway or fugitive slave