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pancreas produce

pancreatic juice

pancreatic juice contains?
What makes pancreatic juice special?

pancreatic amylase
contains the enzymes that digest every group of food

where do the enzymes in duodenum from? what is the name of these enzymes?

pancreatic juice

the chemical digestion in duodenum

trypsin(a protase)+H2O----polypeptides
pancreatic amylase+H20----starch
lipase+H2O---fatty acids and glycerol

what is another name of duodenum? pH and why? What makes it special?

pH=8.5, basic because of bicarbonate ions(HCO3-);
has the most enzyme reactions

What is "hydrolysis"? What role does it play in digestive system?

noun of hydrolyze(verb). To hydrolyze some thing is to break down it by adding H2O;
The process of chemical digestion can be also called this word

What is another name of the "small intestine"? What makes it special?

absorb most of the nutrients

What digestive juice does the villi produce? Give me the enzyme reactions

intestinal juice;
maltase+H2O---(break down)maltose--(to produce)glucose

What is another name of the "big intestine"? What makes it special?

H2O absorption, E.coli action

What is the pH in mouth? What is its digestive gland? produce what?

salivary glands;
salivary juice

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