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Soldier's Heart Author

Gary Paulsen

Soldier's Heart Genre

Historical Fiction

Soldier's Heart Setting: Years


Soldier's Heart Setting: What States?

Minnesota, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia


Protagonist: naive at the begining (thought life was easy); old in the mind at the end of the story

Mrs. Goddard

Let Charley go to war; Ignorant


wounded soldier who took his own life


Charley's younger brother

External Conflicts

War: North vs South

Internal Conflicts

Charley struggles w/ staying alive
Charley struggles w/ images of war (at the end)
Charley struggles w/ being lonely
Charley struggles w/ knowing there will be more way

Soldier's Heart Theme: War

War isn't just a fun game - it's serious & devastating

Soldier's Heart Theme: Enemy

You mind is your greates enemy

Soldier's Heart Theme: Lessons

Think twice before you do something / investigate

Symbolism: 2 colliding bullets

heat of battle, at the worst of the battle

Symbolism: horses

destruction of the innocent

Symbolism: Confederate pistol

All that he's been through, mental (Mind) torment (pain)

Symbolism: Wall of dead bodies

Death, loss, the "wall" Charley's put up (protection around his mind)

Symbolism: Overpriced Pie

War - more lost than won

Symbolism: Nelson

Innocent version of Charley

Symbolism: coffee

War is always a part of him


to cause pain to; to trouble greatly, cause distress


to twist or bend out of shape


not to be avoidaed; certain to come


plunge or drop


doing well; successful; thriving


very hungry; greedy


elementary; to be learned or studied first


standing still; not movable; having a fixed place

Years of the Civil War


Major issue in the Civil War


Lincoln elected president


11 Southern states seceded and formed this

Confederate States of Americas

North Advantages

More people, Federal arms, more supplies, road instructions

Southern Advantages

Experienced military & generals

Who was "winning" in the beginning of the war?


2 important victories in the North

Vicksburg, Gettysburg

When did General Lee surrender to the North?


Where did General Lee surrender to the North?

Appomatox Court House

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