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Original Image
Secondary Image
Which two elements constitute a rollover image?
MS Excel (.xls) files
MS Word (.doc) files
Which two files can be imported using the File>Import Command?
Code View
Choose the view used to display and edit source information created by a third party web design.
Root Folder
Where is website content stored on the computer?
Remote Folder
Select the name of the folder that contains the website content on the server.
Select the two rich media file types that can be put in Dreamweaver Files.
Polygon tool
Rectangular tool
Choose the two tools used to create a hot spot link.
Select the three div tag attributes.
Find the HTML tag that italicizes text.
Employ software that records each use task to review later
Use observers who record reactions as users perform specific tasks in a lab
Select two techniques used to evaluate usability tests.
Which Dreamweaver function allows you to create and store content for reuse?
Test the link in a browser
What would you do when links appear to be broken when using the Check Links Sitewide command?
Load Time
Efficiency of use
Ease of navigation
Which 3 combinations of factors encompass usability?
Web Forms
Site Reports
Email link requesting feedback
What three are the most effective methods to collect site feedback?
<A herd = "http://www.acmetoon.org">Acme Toons!</a>
Which line of HTML code describes a link to an absolute URL using the <A> tag and HREF attribute?
Select Insert>Layout Objects>Div Tag
In the layout category of the Insert Panel, click the Insert DivTag button
How is a div tag element added to an HTML document at the insertion point?
Hides background colors and images
Displays each CSS layout block temporarily in a different color
What does the selection View>Visual Aids>CSS Layout Background do to allow all CSS layout blocks to be seen?
Insert>Common>Media button Shockwave
Library Items
Which don't update properly?
Maintain current and historical versions
Subversion for version control
Which HTML tag italicizes text?
Split View
Which option will allow a user to see both the design and code at the same time?
Text on the page
Alternative text on images
Which two elements of an HTML page can be read by screen readers?
Identify target audience
What is one way to determine whether content is relevant for a website?
The availability of necessary plug-ins
Which option should be considered when choosing rich media types for inclusion in a website?
Material created by the site owner
Which type of written consent is available for use WITHOUT first obtaining permission?
Age appropriate content
Custom and pre-populated searches of relevant library content
Public Library website for kids- which two do the audience need?
Original Image
Rollover Image
Which two elements are parts of rollover images?
Cross browser compatibility
No browser plug ins required
Ability to use on devices that don't support flash
What are 3 benefits of using HTML5 to include video in a web page?
Remote Folder
Which term indicates where website content is stored on the hosting server?
Microsoft Excel (.xls) files
Microsoft Word (.doc) files
Which two file types can be imported using the File>Import command?
Which two elements are new in HTML5?
After creating a hotspot, what must be changed using the Property inspector to enable functionality?
What three options are tools for creating animation and interactive content?
page Layout/Size
Which two display elements change when displayed using different monitors and browsers?
Dreamweaver templates
Which option is used to limit that parts of an HTML document that editors can modify?
Which functionality is used to create and store code for reuse?
For client pre-approval before development
To show placement of elements of a web pages
Which two options are ways a storyboard is commonly used in creating a website?
Open CSS rules
Displays a list of related code
Allows a related file to be opened
What three functions does the Code Navigator perform on a selected element?
Which guiding principle will help ensure the accessibility of a website?
A short excerpt of a novel included in a literary review
Which example of content used on a website would be considered fair use?
Forum for game feedback
Demo videos of the game
Hyperlinks to articles about the video game reviews
Which three kinds of content would be relevant for the website of a company that produces 3-D video games?
External CSS style sheets
Which practice should be used to most effectively separate content and design?
Look of the pages
Using different browsers to view a site will reveal differences in which aspect?
Page Layout
Which option maintains consistency through a website?
By top and left to coordinate
How are absolute positioned (AP) elements positioned on an HTML page?
Which two HTML tags can be used inside the Head element of an HTML document? (Choose two)
In the property Inspector edit the W and H values
Select the AP Div, then drag any of the element's resize handles
Which two methods change the dimensions of an AP div element?
Which two page types can be selected to use CSS page layouts when creating a new document with Dreamweaver CSS Starter Layouts?
Make the video tag-able
Use multiple video formats
Use multiple video sources
Which three options are best practices when including HTML5 video in web page?
Over while Down
What are the 4 states of navigation bar imported from fireworks?
HTML is intended to subsume which two languages?
Avoid using animation that last more than 5 seconds
Limit the quantity of moving images to avoid overloading the viewer
Which two options are best practices for including animation in a web page?
Local Site Folder
Which term indicates where website content is stored on the authors computer?
In which two ways can a usability test be conducted for a website?