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BJU Press Cultural Geography Chapter 13

Sub-Saharan Africa
encompasses all of the lands below the Sahara
the vegetation of tropical areas with a long dry season; has grasses and scattered drought-resistant trees
Cape of Good Hope
a cape in South Africa
Cape Town
the capital of South Africa and the third-largest city in southern and eastern Africa
Orange River
the longest river in South Africa
Drakensburg Mountains
rises from the coastal plain of Natal to 11,424 ft above sea level in the tiny landlocked country of Lesotho
a steep rise from a plain to a plateau
Tugela Falls
the second-highest waterfall in the world, which takes a 3,110-foot plunge on Natal's border with Lesotho
the most famous of the Bantu tribes
the original Dutch farmers, who spread out from Cape Town across the fertile coastal plain
a recognized ethnic group that constitutes about 9% of the population of South Africa
a large group (tribe) of central and southern Africans who speak related languages
a vast savanna located in Africa
the language that developed when the Boers of South Africa blended their native Dutch with words from African languages such as Zulu
the Dutch South American's
became the second independent Boer country in the veldt
Limpopo River
became the second independent Boer country in the veldt
one of the largest cities in South Africa
the fourth-largest city in South Africa, which became the administrative capital of the nation to balance the legislative capital
a rigorous policy of racial segregation
Nelson Mandela
president of South Africa in the mid to later 90's and negotiated with De Klerk
Thabana Ntlenyana
the largest mountain in South Africa, rising 11,424 ft
Kalahari Desert
the sixth -largest desert in the world, lies on the Tropic of Capricorn
Okavango Delta
the largest basin in Boswana creates this Delta
Namib Desert
a desert that stretches eight hundred miles along the Atlantic coast
Skeleton Coast
the nickname of the Northern shore of Namibia, nicknamed for its countless shipwrecks
an isolated region of Angola nor of the Congo River, having valuable petroleum reserves
Zambezi River
rises in southern Zambia and flows across southern Africa to the Indian Ocean
Victoria Falls
lies on the Zambezi near the northwest corner
Great Zimbabwe
the largest stone monument in Africa outside of the Pyramids
Great Rift Valley
the most impressive feature of the plateau in Eastern Africa
Blue Nile
discovered in 1770 by the daring Scottish explorer Robert Bruce in Ethiopia and Sudan
White Nile
discovered in 1862 by John Speke, a British officer located in Sudan
Lake Victoria
largest lake in Africa
capital of Kenya and the center for trade, finance, and communication for East Africa
a language spoken by Bantu tribes living along the eastern coast of Africa from Somalia to Mozambique
the _____ Mara Game Reserve , Kenya's portion of the Serengeti, is home to the ______ tribe
Mount Kilimanjaro
rises to 19,340 ft near the border with Kenya and is also the highest mountain in Africa
Serengeti Plain
has more large land animals than any other place on earth
Horn of Africa
a peninsula shaped like an animal horn in Eastern Africa
Denakil Desert
a desert that is near the hot, dry lowlands of Africa's eastern coast
Ethiopian Highlands
rise to 15,158 ft at Ras Dejen in the far north of Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
stands on the plateau at the center of Ethiopia and also the capital
African Union
became the ________ _____ in 2002, yet the headquarters of it remain in the capital of Ethiopia
the southeastern part of Ethiopia and also one of the hot, dry lowlands along the Ethiopian border
the twenty-mile-wide entrance to the red sea
falls or rapids
a large marshland in Sudan that cover an area the size of Maine, and much water is lost through evaporation