World War One

Reasons of War: MAIN
Militarism- the building up of armies. (mostly Germany and Britain)
Alliances-Triple Entente = France, Britain, Russia
Triple Alliance = Austria Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Germany
Nationalism- (mostly Germany and France)French wanted Alsace-Lorraine (old territory) back
Battle of Verdun
Germany tried to overwhelm French forces to break stalemate
Battle of Marne
British and French troops push back German troops over river of Marne
Battle of Tannenburg
Russians lose on eastern front and cause them to go back to Russia
Innovations Warfare and Impact on Fighting
U-Boats from Germany: German Submarines
Why Colonies of Europ. Nations Want to Fight in WW1
Allies overran colonies and many nations turned to their colonies for troops, laborers, and supplies
Reasons for US to enter WW1:
Cultural ties, cultural language, favored democracy in France. Germany promised not to use submarine warefare, but then lied
Outcome of Treaty of Versaille
• Germany had to take full blame for war
• Germany had to pay huge reparations that included damage and money paid to families who suffered from war.
• Limited military
• Returned Alsace-Lorraine to France
• Made German territory smaller