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_______ is the primary process that shaped the landforms of Northern Europe as they are
The tectonic activity caused by separation of the Eurasian and North American plates is the source of abundant ________ in Iceland
geothermal energy
The ________ creates a mild climate in Iceland, even though the country is located near the Arctic Circle
Gulf Stream
________, a renewable resource in most Northern European countries, is produced by rivers formed by meltwater from glaciers
A _______ is a source of groundwater that emits steam and water at a temperature higher than its surroundings
hot spring
Steep-walled inlets, reaching like fingers of water from the sea into coastal mountains, are called
Dry conditions, poor soil quality, cold temperatures, and frozen ground limit _______ in the arctic tundra regions of Northern Europe
plant growth
The tectonically active country that is also the westernmost country in the Northern European subregion is
Repeated ice ages and continental drift created the _______ landforms of Svalbard
Although Norway lacks bauxite, one of the key ingredients for the manufacture of aluminum, it has plenty of _______, which powers production
The activities of a shipping center related to sorting and redistributing cargo
The blending of parts into a functional whole
An import-export shipping hub
A government approach in which a country takes care of the social needs of its citizens
welfare state
The economic and social systems that keep Northern European countries successful
Nordic model
State-supported day care is an example of _____ social welfare policies in the Nordic countries
In Iceland, _____ constitute more than 70% of exports
fish and fish products
Early explorers and settlers of Northern Europe, known as Norsemen, relied on
ships of war
Nordic countries became integrated with mainland Europe during the 1300s, which caused the region to become more
The _____ are the descendants of nomadic peoples who lived in Northern Scandinavia for thousands of years
A number of invasive species have been introduced in the Baltic Sea due to an increase in
ship traffic
The remaining forest in Northern Europe that has not been deforested is the _______, or taiga, of Scandinavia and Russia
boreal forest
The runoff of chemicals and waste from _____ areas nearby adds to the pollution that endangers coastal areas, wetlands, and rivers in Northern Europe
Warmer temperatures cause ice to melt in Northern Europe, endangering land use for
herding and farming
Though tourism can threaten fragile ecosystems, _______ can teach people about conserving Northern Europe's vulnerable land
What effects life in these East Africa especially by providing a point of entry for good, people, and culture.
Describe cataracts
A large waterfall
Describe escarpment
Steep cliff
Is there a relative lack of variety of climate and biomes of East Africa.
Why are there so many different types of climate and Biomes with in E. Africa subregion
Wide range latitude and elevation
What has prevented the purpose management of East Africa's natural resources
Conflicts between several countries
What is the largest sector and East Africa economy
Describe the great Rift Valley
What historical affect did East Africa's access to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean have on the subregion that influence its society to this day
Trade is important
What is an example that directly relates and economic development issue with an environment issue
Drought and population
Identify a way The economy of East Africa is changing
It is growing in tourism, fishing and farming
What geographical factors led to Both Christianity and Islam becoming the two most prominent face within East Africa today
Ethiopia Orthodox Church had Europe contract
Which characterize the primary population patterns of people in East Africa
What densifies in attempt to reduce sustainable carrying capacity
Population policy on family size
Economic social and environmental issues in East Africa are often what
Which types of biome is characterized by tropical grassland with scattered trees and alternate between rainy and dry seasons
Which human caused problem is most directly related to exceeding and areas carrying capacity
Large family
Which geographical factor influences of East Africa's culture Diversity
Diverse land
How are escarpments and cataracts related
Through plateau
Which factor please the most important role in determining population patterns of East Africa
Habitat loss and poaching are examples of what
Animal facing extinction
Identify successful actions implemented by song East Africa government that has had both environmental and economic benefits
Preserving forest
What was the main impact of European colonial powers in East Africa
Large colonies their independence
What lake is located along the great rift valley is the second largest freshwater lake in the world
Lake Victoria
More foreclosure, more unemployment and the stock market was unstable.
What effect did the 2008 economic down turn in the US have on the global economy.
Semiarid regions
What is the area between the pacific ranges and the mountains that often experience the rain shadow effect.
How has NAFTA created environmental issues along the Rio Grande.
Bank takes your home for not paying your mortgage.
Describe foreclosure.
Stretches from 300 miles to 700 mile east of the Rockies.
Describe the Great Plains of the US.
New Orleans
In what city did the building of levees damage the natural landscape that once protected it form flooding.
What region of Florida provides rich habitats for a variety of animals and plant species that are threatened by environmental degradation.
How is the Everglades threatened by the environmental degradation.
In the 50s manufacturing was big and today we have a free market economy.
Describe the US economy since the 1950's.
Latin America
From what region did the largest growth of foreign born residents living is the US today immigrate.
Clean water act
What joint US Canadian project reduce population in the Nashua River and encourage the construction of waste water treatment plants.
Abundance of timber and fish made shipbuilding and fishing important industries.
How was geography important to the colonial New England economy.
Acid rain
What is an environment problem in the US that corrodes stone and metal buildings, damages crops, and pollutes the soil.
What US state includes areas that have a subarctic climate that supports a variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, bald eagles, wolves and bobcats.
Political and religious freedom
Why is US one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.
A great variety of vegetation and wildlife.
Why is it important to protect swamps and wetland such as Florida's Everglades.
Where do the largest concentration of Asian and Pacific Islander live in the US.
Commercial fishing
Why is the environment conditions of the gulf of mexico important to the us economy.
They are nonrenewable
Why is it important to conserve fossil fuels.
Native Americans occupied North America, the
Spanish explored the southern region and the French settled in the northeast.
Describe the immigration history of the United States.
Why did the 13 colonies fight war against Britain.
Carry water to 25 million people
How did aqueducts help support California's large population.
What type of music developed in the US during the 1900s that combined African rhythms and Europe harmony.
Ill advised mortgage loans
What was the major cause of 2008 economic downturn in the us.
They always received power from the water currents
Why were the first factories in the US located along the fall line in the northeast.
How did great lakes form.
What major river flows 2,350 miles from its source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.
Fuel efficient
What type of automobile cause less environment damage than the traditional automobiles because they use fossil fuels from corn and organic sources.
Underground railroads
What are the series of safe houses that help many African Americans escape slavery before the civil war.
Texas and Alaska
Which 2 US states have the largest petroleum reserves