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HE 367 Final

Sexual orientation refers to the gender that a person is attracted to
Emotionally, physically, sexually, and romantically
Kinsey thought that homosexuality was
A continum, 7-point scale ranging from excusively heterosexual behavior to exclusively homosexual behavior.
How has the frequency of same-sex behavior in the United States changed over the years?
Remained fairly constant inspite of changes in the social status of homosexually
Gender-role nonconformity studies of sexual orientation show that
Boys and girls who exhibit cross- gender traits are more likely to be gay or lesbian. Boys are more negatively viewed.
What can be concluded about reparative therapy?
Not supported by viable research, does less good only negative sideeffects, worse then depression.
Historically, the term ____________ referred to any of the various forms of sexual intercourse held to be unnatural or abnormal.
When it comes to young people growing up as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, which of the following statement is TRUE?
Expected to be heterosexual and marry, experience higher levels of stigmatization and discrimination than heterosexual youth, higher levels of depression, heterosexuality models comes from society (everything)
Compared to heterosexual couples, same-sex couples have:
Greater role flexibility, partner equality, and lower levels of sexual jealousy.
According to your text, homophobia is:
Strongly negative attitudes toward homosexuals and homosexuality. (not a phobia)
Which of the following is an example of heterosexism?
The "presumption of heterosexuality" that has sociological implications.
Fertilization normally takes place in the:
Fallopian tube
How many sperm fertilize the egg?
If a fertilized egg had just implanted, we know that it would normally be in the:
What is the placenta?
The structure through which the exchange of materials between fetal and maternal circulations occurs.
When two ova are released and both fertilized by sperm, the result is:
Fraternal twins
What causes morning sickness?
Increase of hormones (progesterone and estrogen) that irritate the stomach lining.
What are pregnancy tests testing for?
A hormone in the blood called HCG in the blood and urine
The idea that something is wrong with a woman if she doesn't give birth to and care for children is called the:
Motherhood mandate
If a 36-year old woman would be diagnosed with infertility after having regular unprotected sex and not
conceiving after ___________.
6 months
What is the name for the soft hair that covers the fetus?
The cheese-like substance that coats the fetus in utero is called:
At birth the average baby weighs about:
7.5 pounds
What is colostrum?
A thin, yellowish fluid, high in protein and antibodies, secreted from the nipples at the end of pregnancy and during the first few days after delivery.
Which of the following has NOT been linked to cigarette use during pregnancy?
Smoking during pregnancy has been associated with spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, prematurity, and low iron levels.
If a woman's fertilized egg has implanted outside of her uterus, she has a(n):
Ectopic pregnancy
What percent of all diagnosed pregnancies end in miscarriage?
If toxemia is not treated, it can lead to _________________.
What is a breech birth?
If a baby's feet or buttocks are first.
Which of the following happens during stage one of labor?
Cervical effacement
What happens during the third stage of labor?
The placenta is expelled from the uterus.
Efforts to control fertility in the U.S., especially the work of Margaret Sanger, were related trying to reduce:
Contraceptive use around the world is related to:
Cultural factors, religious views, social and economic issues, knowledge levels, and gender roles.
Which are the following is safe to use as a lubricant with latex condoms?
Water-based lubricants, oil based aren't safe.
What is the primary way that combination birth control pills work to prevent pregnancy?
By preventing ovulation.
Which of the following is TRUE about the NuvaRing?
Inhibiting ovulation, increase cervical mucus, and changes uterine lining. Inserted deep in the vagina, where the vaginal muscles hold it in place and moisture and body heat activate the release of hormones.
Where are intrauterine devices (IUDs) placed in a woman's body?
Inserted into a woman's uterus.
The Mirena IUD:
Releases progestin, which thickens the cervical mucus, inhibits sperm survival, and suppresses the endometrium.
After a vasectomy, a man:
Not sterile immediate after, outpatient surgery, will still ejaculate but won't have any DNA. Won't have difficulty reaching erection.
Emergency contraception is also known as:
"morning after pill", ECPs, plan B
Emergency contraceptives:
They are widely available, over the counter. Can be bought by those over 18.
The Supreme Court of the U.S. legalized abortion in:
What is the term for a first-trimester surgical abortion?
Vacuum asperation
Which of the following statements regarding second-trimester abortions is TRUE?
Medical complications, fetal deformities, divorce or marital problems, miscalculation of date of last menstrual period, financial or geographical problems, or a denial of the pregnancy.
Which condition may put a woman more at risk for developing a serious psychological reaction after having an abortion?
Being young, not having a family or partner support, having a strong religious and moral background, having a history of psychiatric problems before the abortion, and having a late abortion procedure.
The most common reaction in women who have had an abortion is:
Which of the following is a criticism of how the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) classifies sexual dysfunctions?
It appears rather heterosexist in that often the criteria for diagnosis revolves around an inability to engage in vaginal intercourse.
If a man approaches a sexual encounter with "performance fears,"
Increasing anxiety levels, Psychological arousal may be impossible, may engage in spectatoring.
What has research shown about the relationship between aging and sexual problems?
The prevelance of sexual dysfunction increases with age, because of disability, disease, illness, and drugs
If a woman is experiencing genital pain during sex, she may be diagnosed with:
If a woman comes to sex therapy complaining of a low or absent desire for sexual activity, what would the
most appropriate diagnosis be?
Hypoactive sexual desire (HSD)
Which of the following types of therapy is the most promising for treating women with hypoactive sexual
Cognitive behavioral therapy
A persistent erection is called:
A flaccid penis is inserted into a cylinder. Through a pumping action, blood is drawn into the penis. The method is most likely:
Vacuum constriction devices
What is the most common sexual dysfunction in men?
Erectile dysfunction
What is the most effective treatment for female orgasmic disorder?
Teaching a woman to masturbate to orgasm.
What percentage of women in the United States report experiencing low sexual desire, decreased sexual arousal, and/or problems with reaching orgasm?
About what percent of men report male orgasmic disorder?
Which of the following treatments is best for premature ejaculation?
Squeeze technique, and the stop-start technique
What would the primary diagnosis likely be if a woman reports involuntary contractions of the muscle that surrounds the entrance to the vagina?
The most important variable in how well a woman copes sexually after breast cancer is:
Encouragement and acceptance from the woman's sexual partner.
Which of the following statements regarding women and pelvic cancers and hysterectomies is TRUE?
A hysterectomy may or may not affect sexual functioning, utérus, cervix , ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed, major hormonal changes due to ovaries removed, invasive rough surgery. Doctors don't explain emotional effects of it ; disruptions in social functioning, support systems, ect.
The author of your text suggests consulting AASECT if you need
If you are experiencing problems or dysfunctions with sexual functioning., ill or disabled, want certification.
About what percent of new STIs in the U.S. involve those in the 15-24-year-old range?
Close to half
If people have a "punishment concept" of STIs, then they:
Believe that people so afflicted « got what they deserved »
A person is experiencing severe genital itching, a common symptom of:
Pubic lice and scabies
Gonorrhea can be contracted through:
Mucus membranes of the body, Sexual intercourse, oral sex, vulva to vulva sex, giving birth.
Out of the following alternatives, PID is most often caused by:
The most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age is
Bacterial vaginosis (BV)
Trichomoniasis is a(n):
Contagious. Infection of the vagina.
Herpes and HPV:
Are incurable.
Currently there is a vaccine to prevent:
Certain types of HPV
One can speak of the "ABC"s--HAV, HBV, HCV--of which STI?
Viral Hepatitis
Because most of the first identified cases of HIV were gay men and intravenous drug users,
the disease was linked with "socially marginal" groups in the population.
Someone who is HIV-positive might initially experience flu-like symptoms, followed by a period of time with no obvious symptoms. Only when later, more severe symptoms develop does the seriousness of the disease become apparent. This progression is similar to that of
In order to be classified as a paraphilia, symptoms must be experienced for at least:
6 months or more.
Most paraphiliacs are:
Research indicates that Paraphilias have the most in common with
Many impulse-control disorders.
"Paraphiliacs engage in those behaviors because in the past they have been reinforced for doing them." A person from which theoretical perspective would agree most strongly with this quote?
Behavioral theorist
The theory which emphasizes the importance of movies, TV, and other media in the development of paraphilias is:
Sociological theories
Fetishism could include sexual arousal caused by all of the following except:
Fetishism could include sexual arousal caused by an inanimate object, or body part (not usually associated with sex)
Ned feels sexually aroused when he dresses as a woman. This is called:
Transvetic fetishism
The Marquis de Sade, from whom we get the term "sadism,"
He was a real person, who wrote novels describing torture.
Sadomasochism always includes:
Consensuel power exchange. a dominant, « master, » position, a submissive « slave » position.
Most transvestites
Are heterosexual male.
The most common kind of pedophile is one who is attracted to
8-10 year old girls
In the treatment of a paraphilia, aversion therapy involves
Aversion, an undesirable behavior linked with unpleasant stimulus (shock, pain, odor)
Hypersexuality is to hyposexuality as
Hyper to hypo (a lot, to a little)
Use of the terms "whore" and "stud" to label people engaged in similar levels of sexual behavior indicates
A double standard based on gender.
In the U.S., victims of incest are most likely to be assaulted by their:
Uncles or male first-cousins.
Research shows that children's self-reports of being sexually abused:
Less than 10% of reports are false.
The fact that many child abusers were themselves abused as children provides the strongest evidence in support of which of the following theories of sex abuse development?
Learning theories
The first step in reducing the incidence of sexual harassment is:
To acknowledge the problem.
Compared to the 1970 Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, the 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography:
The 1986 Commision concluded that violent pornography and « degrading » pornography are damaging and may be considered a type of social violence, and that they hurt women most of all. 1986 commission used antipornography activists comments as facts, they were biased.
Studies have found that viewing violent pornography:
the belief that some women secretly desire to be raped
insensitivity to rape victims
desire to see more violent pornography.
Research may not accurately predict what happens in the real world.
Studies show that the majority of people in the U.S.:
Want to ban violent pornography and feel that such pornography can lead to a loss of respect for women, acts of violence, and rape.
In the U.S., legal brothels are most likely to be found in:
Sociologists have suggested that prostitution developed out of the _____________ nature of most
The average age of entry into female prostitution in the United States is _____ years old.
14 years old.
Studies show about what percent of female prostitutes use drugs, including alcohol, crack, heroin, marijuana, and other drugs?
Which of the following increases the chance that a man will go into prostitution?
Early childhood sexual expérience combined homosexual orientation, need for money, addiction to drugs and alcohol.