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Psych 12 Final (Within-subjects Designs)

Within-subjects designs
-also called repeated measures designs
-matched-subjects designs
Advantages of within within-subjects designs
-need fewer Ps (more efficient)
-can study change over time
-reduces random variation
-no confounds with individual differences
-sometimes impossible
-order effects (see below)
Order effects
a confound created by changes in Ps that result from repeated exposure to IV levels
Practice effects
getting better if test is done over and over again
Fatigue effects
you deteriorate in your performance over time, if you make someone do it over and over again they will get tired and worn out
being aware of what is being tested
Carryover effects
effects from previous treatments may still be present when presenting new treatment (drug trials)
presenting levels of IV in different orders to different Ps
Complete counterbalancing
-include all possible orders of conditions
-Ps can either go to condition A,B,C, or D
Latin squares design
each condition appears in each position once and each conditions precedes and follows another condition once