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Key features about Quasi-experiment

-no manipulation of IV
-no random assignment
-lower internal validity

One-shot case study

measure DV for one group; no manipulation of IV, no comparison group

One-group pretest-posttest design

measure the DV prior to event or intervention, measure after. Only one level of IV, no comparison group

Disadvantages of one group pretest-posttest design

-maturation: people might change over time
-pretest sensitization: people might change because simply taking pretest prompted change
-history: something might occur in the world that prompts people to change

Non-equivalent groups designs

participants are assigned to groups by means other than randomization
-usually find similar group as a control group

Nonequivalent grous posttest-only designs

only look at posttest

Nonequivalent groups pretest-posttest designs

look at post and pretest

Interrupted time series designs

measure DV several times before and after treatment

Single interrupted time series

group 1(only group) - OOOXOOO
-introduction of gun control law in one state

Interrupted time series with reversal

group 1(only group) - OOOXOOO(-X)OOO
-intro and removal of gun law in one state

Control group interrupted time series

group 1 - OOOXOOO
group 2 - OOO-OOO
-comparison of one state with new gun law and one state without new gun law

Longitudinal designs

-follow groups of people over time (O O O O O O)
-Quasi-IV is time
-advantages and disadvantages hard to find AND keep Ps
-compare with cross-sectional designs

Generational effects

-advantage of longitudinal study - controls generational effect
-different generation, different opinions

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