Positive Ions (Chemistry Honors - Chan)

This is the POSITIVE COMMON IONS. The ions with roman numerals are not used, instead their common names are used. Also, answer the symbols by ( X #+) where x = the symbols and #+ is your charge. All the ones with a number next to X are SUBSCRIPTS.
Aluminum ion
Al 3+
Ammonium ion
NH4 +
Antimonous ion
Sb 3+
Antimonic ion
Sb 5+
Barium ion
Ba 2+
Beryllium ion
Be 2+
Bismuth ion
Bi 3+
Cadmium ion
Cd 2+
Calcium ion
Ca 2+
Chromous ion
Cr 2+
Chromic ion
Cr 3+
Cuprous ion
Cu +
Cupric ion
Cu 2+
Hydronium ion
H3O +
Ferrous ion
Fe 2+
Ferric ion
Fe 3+
Plumbous ion
Pb 2+
Plumbic ion
Pb 4+
Lithium ion
Li +
Magnesium ion
Mg 2+
Manganous ion
Mn 2+
Manganic ion
Mn 4+
Mercurous ion
Hg2 2+
Mercuric ion
Hg 2+
Nickel ion
Ni 2+
Potassium ion
K +
Silver ion
Ag +
Sodium ion
Na +
Strontium ion
Sr 2+
Stannous ion
Sn 2+
Stannic ion
Sn 4+
Zinc ion
Zn 2+