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This is the POSITIVE COMMON IONS. The ions with roman numerals are not used, instead their common names are used. Also, answer the symbols by ( X #+) where x = the symbols and #+ is your charge. All the ones with a number next to X are SUBSCRIPTS.

Aluminum ion

Al 3+

Ammonium ion

NH4 +

Antimonous ion

Sb 3+

Antimonic ion

Sb 5+

Barium ion

Ba 2+

Beryllium ion

Be 2+

Bismuth ion

Bi 3+

Cadmium ion

Cd 2+

Calcium ion

Ca 2+

Chromous ion

Cr 2+

Chromic ion

Cr 3+

Cuprous ion

Cu +

Cupric ion

Cu 2+

Hydronium ion

H3O +

Ferrous ion

Fe 2+

Ferric ion

Fe 3+

Plumbous ion

Pb 2+

Plumbic ion

Pb 4+

Lithium ion

Li +

Magnesium ion

Mg 2+

Manganous ion

Mn 2+

Manganic ion

Mn 4+

Mercurous ion

Hg2 2+

Mercuric ion

Hg 2+

Nickel ion

Ni 2+

Potassium ion

K +

Silver ion

Ag +

Sodium ion

Na +

Strontium ion

Sr 2+

Stannous ion

Sn 2+

Stannic ion

Sn 4+

Zinc ion

Zn 2+

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