Geography of Brazil

11 terms by dmcaleer

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What is the capital of Brazil?


What are the 5 regions of Brazil?


What is the largest country in South America?


Describe the NORTHEAST region.

little rainfall
flooding when it rains.

Describe the NORTH region.

Has the largest tropical rainforest
Amazon River
largest region
Small population

What falls are on the border of Brazil and Argentina?

Iguacu Falls

Describe the CENTRAL-WEST Region

Huge cattle ranches
PANTANAL - swampy area
Capital city - Brasilia - located here

Describe the Southeast region

Mountains and farmland
Most developed region
Cities - Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro

Describe the South region

PAMPAS - pastures - cattle roam here
rocky coasts
forests and waterfalls found here

What is "Nature's Green Umbrella"?

Book about the importance of the tropical rainforests and the threats to them.

Why are tropical rainforests disappearing?

Trees are being cut down and being used for lumber.
"SLASH AND BURN": Trees are cut down and burned to clear lands for roads, farming and grazing.

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