Chapter 9 Religion

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Explain the relation between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
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Five ways the Gospels are different:
1. The authors might be quoting or paraphrasing Jesus
Jesus might have talked about the same topic, multiple times using different words
3. The authors different opinions about what was important
Differences in words or deeds:
4. The gospel writers had different audiences
5. The Gospel writers had a little concern for an exact timeline and often grouped things by
Recall Luke's distinctive features.Luke: Luke emphasizes prayer by having three parables on prayer that are not found elsewhere: the midnight friend, the unjust judge, and the Pharisee and humble man. Luke emphasizes that God is our savior by having the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the Prodigal Son.Explain what the Acts of the Apostles is about.Acts of the Apostles: A record of the early Church. IT shows how the Holy Spirit led the Church after Jesus ascended into Heaven.Recall John's distinctive features.John: John emphasized Jesus's divinity by beginning by talking about "the World" who was with God and IS God. He also records Jesus "I AM" statements. He arranges his story around seven "signs" (miracles) ending with the most perfect miracle, the ResurrectionExplain who St. Stephen and St. Paul were.St. Stephen- the first martyr of the church, he was killed by stoning. St. Paul- the greatest persecutor of the early Church who became the greatest advocate for the faith. He was converted when Jesus spoke to him from Heaven.Define epistle and recall who wrote most of the Epistles.Epistles - letters written from the Apostles to the churches. Most were written by St. Paul to specific churches with specific needs.Explain what the Catholic Epistles are.Catholic Epistles - epistles written by Peter, James, John, and Jude to the entire Church. Catholic- means UniversalExplain what the Book of Revelation is about.Book of Revelation - In this book, Jesus shows that though He has not yet come back, Christians are already victorious in Him.Recall six ways that, in the Liturgy, the Church shows that the Gospels are the most important books in the Bible.Six ways that, in the Liturgy the Church shows that the Gospels are the most important books in the bible: 1. Trace the signs of the cross on heads, lips, and heart 2. Stand 3. Say alleluia 4. Incense the Gospel 5. Only the minister can read the Gospel 6. Special ending you say "Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ."BONUS: the three I am'sI am the lamb of God I am the bread of life I am everlasting life