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free association

make unconscious, concious

life instincts

need to live, survive, food, water, sex, air

death instincts

ultimate state of calmness, when over come with stress you want a calm state. result is aggression towards others

types of anxiety

reality, moral, neurotic

purpose of defense mechanisms

distortion of external reality





collective unconscious

memory bank that stores images and ideas that humans have accumulated over the course of evolution example would be the internet





anima (us)




life style


life circumstances


life tasks

completing ourselves levels 1-4

self esteem


self efficacy


self schema


cognitive distortion


how do people get "sick?"


what is the role of society according to humanistic?

prevents us from moving freely, society is us

self concept

drive to get back up and start again

self actualization

being the best version of yourself

unconditional positive regard


conditional positive regard


self discrepancy theory


rogerian therapy

congruency, empathy, dignity, active listening, objectivity







active listening

truly listening, not trying to fix the situation


completely unbiased

hierarchy of needs


self actualization


optimal experiences

skill set to match talent

synaptic connections

space between neuron receptors and dendrites





rite of passage

don't really know when you are an adult. example is high school

ego identity


psychosocial moratorium

gap year to get a break from society. example is our summer vacation

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