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anesthesia machine check list

check backup ventilation equipment is available and functionging
-check 02 high pressure system back up and verify at least half full
-close cylinder
what is a half full o2 tank read?
1000psi and this is the minimum that should be left in tank
Check initial status of low pressure system
-close flow control valves and turn vaporizer off
-check fill l evel and tighten vaporizes
-perform leack check of machine low pressure system
a.verify that machine master switch and flow control valves are OFF.
b. attach suction bulb to common fressh gas outlet
c. squess bulb repeatedly until fully collapsed
d. verify bulb stays fully collapsed for at least 10 seconds when attached to machine
e. open one vaporizer at a time and repat c and d, bulb suction
f. remove suction bulb and reconnect fresh gas hose
turn on machine master swithc and necessary electrical equipment
-test flow meters
a. adjust flow of all gases through their full rang, check for mooth operation of floats and undamaged flow tubes.
b. attempt to creat a hypoxi 02/n20 mixture to see if safety flow works appropriatly
-adjust and check scavenging system
a. ensure proper connections between the scavenging system and both APL and ventilator relief valve
b.adjust waste gas vacuum if possible
c.fully open APL valve and occlude Y-piece
d. using minimum o2 flow, allow scavenger reservoir bag to collapse completely and verify that absorber pressure gauge reads about zero
e. with o2 flush activated, allow the scavener reservoir bag to disten and verfy that absorber pressure is less than 10cmh20
-calibrate o2 monitor
a. monitor reads 21%
b. verify low o2 alarm is enabled and functionging
c. reinstall sensor
d. verifiy that monitr reads great than 90%
-check initial satus of breathing system
a. place on bag mode, make sure circuits are intact
-perform leak check of the breathing system
a.close apl valve and occlude Y peice, and flush with o2 make sure pressure holds at 30 for greater tahn 10 seconds and decreases when apl valve is open
-test ventilation systems and unidrectional valves
a. this is where you put the second bag on the breather piece, turn on and check the status of the machines ventilator and pnch in settinngs.
b. check the unidirection of breathing 1 way valves
-check, calibrate and set alarm limits of all monitors
-check final status of machine