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Treaty of Versailles and Paris Peace Conference

payments for war damage
territories that were administered by western powers
after WW1, this came in 1981 which made everything worse; it killed more than 20 million people
Woodrow Wilson
one of the Big Three; wanted his Fourteen Points to be the basis of the peace; wanted to create a League of Nations to guarantee peace for the future
David Lloyd George
one of the Big Three; British prime minister; promised he would build Britain "fit for heroes"
George Clemenceau
one of the Big Three; french leader; nickname "the Tiger"; wanted to weaken Germany so it wouldn't threaten France
Vittorio Orlando
prime minister of Italy; wanted to gain Italy lands that were once ruled by Austria-Hungary
League of Nations
Wilson's dream to guarantee peace for the future
Treaty of Versailles
Germany had to sign this because they had no choice; it said that Germany was the cause of the war, had to pay huge reparations, hads to pay pensions for Allied soldiers or their families, and it lost hundreds of square miles of territory
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Baltic states; once ruled byGermany, Austria, and Russia
regained independence after more than 100 years of foreign rule
Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungay
rose in the old Hapsburg heartland
in the Balkans, peacekeepers created this new South Slav state
self determination
the principle in international law that nations have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsion or interference