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the policy of military preparedness and building up weapons

Triple Alliance

Germany formed a military alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy

Triple Entente

Britain, France, And Russia

balance of power

each nation or alliance had equal strength

central powers

Europe, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire fighting together.

Allied Powers

Great Britain, France, And Russia

Trench Warfare

fighting from trenches


British Luxury Ship


a policy of not being involved in the affairs of other nations


small submarines named after the German word Unterseeboot (undersea boot)

Sussex Pledge

a promise not to sink merchant vessels "without warning and without saving human lives"

Zimmerman Note

Proposed an alliance between Mexico and Germany

Selective Service Act

required men between ages of 21 and 30 to register to be drafted into the armed forces

Convoy System

troop-transport ships were surrounded by destroyers or cruisers for protection


people who seek the equal distribution of wealth and the end of all private property.

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