Religion Exam Quotes

28 terms by MatthewBasler37

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An evil action cannot be justified by a good intention


The brain is a machine

Thomas Huxley

Value = Commitment = Actions = Identity

Charles Taylor

Goodness translates into responsibility for the other


The first to use hypnosis and dream analysis to access unconscious mind


Everyone becomes what he/se loves


To be happy is to live well and to do well


While beauty is found everywhere and in all things, nowhere can we find beauty itself


A good and happy person aims at the good life with and for others in just institutions

Paul Ricoeur

Devised the conceptual framework of action

Paul Ricoeur

The church guards and maintains moral tradition

Richard Gula

An action is moral when it is done out of duty


The good is found in contemplation


There is a distinction between the mind and the brain


A fuller happiness called "blessedness" is found in the loving vision of God


Morality is based on coercion, therefore it is a sham


The singularity of all things gives each it's uniqueness


The relation with the other will always be offering and gift...


God speaks to us through everyday life

Henri Nouwen

Claims that taking a moral stand is essential to finding or self-identity

Charles Taylor

Practical reason understands what people ought to do


Skeptic who coined the phrase "I think therefore I am"


Argued for the distinction between the mind and the brain


Pre-schoolers base moral decisions on fear of punishment


Freedom has he capacity to turn us away from God


Reason = Good Character = Happiness


Personality theory made up of id, ego, and super ego


Author of the 8 stages of growth and development


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