12 terms

211 first exam

scientific method (steps)
observation; hypothesis; experimentation; analysis & interpretation
agronomy definition
study of the science of growing foodstuffs for animals
length of digestive tract: carnivores vs herbivores
carnivores: shorter tract relative to size. herbivores: longer tract relative to size.
volatile fatty acids (list)
carbolic; acetic; butyric; propranoic
essential fatty acids (list)
linoleic; alpha-linolenic; arachidonic
ruminants with 3-part stomachs
alpacas, llamas
non-ruminant herbivores
horses, lagomorphs
an all-meat diet in dogs can cause an imbalance of what?
Calcium and phosphorous
1st Law of Thermodynamics
Conservation of Energy: energy can be neither created nor destroyed; it can only be changed in form
the chemical inter-conversion of nutrients to supply energy for life or to build cellular and organ structures
the breakdown of nutrients to supply energy or other compounds
the building or synthesis of body components such as muscle or fat