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Simplek12 Quizlet Set

This is a set of cards to show how Quizlet works
What do you call the cards made in Quizlet?
Name a site for converting Quizlet cards into games.
Name two games you can play in Quizlet
Match and Gravity
Name an arcade game in Classtools
What can you print from Quizlet?
Flashcards & tests
What do you click for automatic Quizlet definitions?
Where is the best place to watch a webinar
Simple k12
What type of slippers should you wear to a webinar
Bunny Slippers
What colour is the Simplek12 website background
What is the Twitter name of Simplek12
What use is instant feedback to learners?
It promotes learning
What do we want students to do if they make a mistake?
Try again