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draws corners of mouth inferiorly.
-helps with expression of sadness/fright

submandibular glands

salivary glands


-unilateral and bilateral contraction
-tilts head to side
-rotates neck so the face points superiorly to opposite side
-when bilateral contraction, they flex the neck


depresses hyoid bone after it has been elevated for swallowing


depresses, retracts and steadies hyoid bone

hyoid bone

aids in tongue movement and swallowing

anterior scalene

-elevates 1st rib during inspiration when neck is fixed
-lateral flexion (to the same side)
-contralateral rotation

middle scalene

-elevate 1st rib during inspiration when neck is fixed
-lateral flexion
-contralateral rotation

posterior scalene

-raises 2nd rib
-lateral flexion
-contralateral rotation

brachial plexus

most muscular innervation of upper limbs

pectoralis major

-adducts and medially rotates humerus
-draws scalpula anterior and inferiorly
-pulls arm across chest

pectoralis minor

stabilize scalpula

serratus anterior

-pulls scalpula anterior and downward
-protract and rotate scalpula

external intercostals

draw ventral part of rib upward

internal intercostals

draws ventral part of rib inward/downward

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