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provides energy for muscle contractions


connects muscle to bone


found only in the heart

cardiac muscle

tightly packed mature bone cells


connects bone to bone


mutlinucleated, straited,voluntary movement

skeleton muscle

one nucles, not straited, involuntary movement

smooth muscle

helps the body coordinate and communicate

nervous tissue

used to cover and protect


includes fats and blood

connective tissue

what skeleton includes bones of the skull, spine and ribs

axial skeleton

as embryos our skeleton is composed of


caused when cartilage covers the bones had degenerated


compose the sacromere

actin and myosin

what explains how muscles contract

sliding filament

what skeleton is composed of arms, legs, pectoral girdle amd pelvic girdle

appendicular skeleton

loss of bone density is called


what joint is found where skull and neck join

pivot joint

what joint in your skull fuse during first years of life

immovable joints

what does red bone marrow produce

blood cells

what does yellow bone marrow composed of


skin cancer due to overexposure of UV light


what joint is your wrist

gliding joint

what joint is your hip

ball and socket

what kind of skeleton is the human body


what joint is your elbow

hinge joint

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