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Define skin and its function

Weighs more than 20 pounds
Covers 16% of the body

- protection
- regulate temperature
- absorption
- house nerve receptors
- secrete fluids

What are the skin layers?

Subcutaneous Tissue

Name the layers of the epidermis layer

Stratum corneum
Stratum lucidum
Stratum granulosum
Stratum germinativum

In what epidermis stratum are the dead cells?

Stratum corneum and lucidum

In what epidermis stratum are the melanocytes?

Stratum germinativum

In what layer of the skin are cells capable of mitosis and cell division?

Stratum germinativum

What is the dermis composed of?

Middle layer of skin
Composed of:
- connective tissue containing nerves and nerve endings
- blood vessels
- sebaceous and sweat glands
- hair follicles
- lymph vessels
Further divided into two layers:
- papillary layer
- reticular layer

What is the composition of the subcutaneous or hypodermis?

Composed of subcutaneous tissue
Tissue helps support, nourish, insulate, and cushion the skin

Name the skin accessory organs

Sebaceous glands
Sweat glands

Describe the nail characteristics and name the nail proteins

-flat platesnof keratin.
- called nail body
- cover ends of tissue by nail bed
- connected to fingers and toes.
- grow longer from the roots
- covered and protected by cuticle
- free edge is exposed edge
- light colored half-moon area at the base is the lunula

Name the hair parts and name the proteins that the hair fibersnare composed of

- hair follicles.
- hair root
- hair shaft.
- fibers composed of the protein keratin
- hair formation like
- melanin gives hair its color
- sebaceous glands

What gives hair its color?


What is released from the sebaceous gland into the follicle?


Where are the sensory receptors and what do they detect?

Located in the dermis
They detect pressue, traction, heat, cold, and pain

Define melanocytes. What do they produce?

Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin for pigmentation.

What is the most common type of skin cancer and how can we prevent skin cancer?

Basal Cell Carcinoma
To prevent skin cancer, wear proper clothing, use proper protection

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