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Chapter 22: Integumentary System

Define skin function.
Protect againts pathogen.
Store fatty tissues that provide energy to our body.
Produce Vitamin D
Have nerve receptor.
Wha are the skin layer?
Hypodermis or Subcutneous.
Name the epidermis layer.
The epidermis is divided into four layers or strata: the stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, and stratum germinativum.
In what epidermis stratum are the dead cells?
Stratum corneum.
In what epidermis stratum are the melanocytes?
Stratum germinativum.
In what layer of the skin are the cells capable of mitosis or cell division?
Stratum germinativum.
How is composed the dermis?
Blood vessels.
Hair follicle.
Arrector pili muscle.
What is the subcutaneous or hypodermis composition?
Vessels and nerves.
Name skin accesories organs.
Sebaceous glands.
Apocrine glands.
Describe the nail characteristics and name the nails protein .
The nails proteins are keratin.The nail consists of the body, the root, and the matrix, or nail bed . The lunula is the crescent-shaped white area at the base of the nail. Average nail growth is about 1 mm (.04 in.) per week. A lost fingernail may take 3½ to 5½ months to regrow, whereas a lost toenail may take as long as 6 to 8 months to regrow.
Name the hair parts name the protein that composed the hair fibers.
The hair protein is Keratin.The visible portion of hair is the shaft. The root of the hair is embedded within the follicle. A loop of capillaries enclosed in connective tissue is the hair papilla. The papilla is found at the base of each hair follicle. The pilomotor muscle is attached to the side of each follicle.
What give the color the hair
the melanin.
What release the Sebaceous gland into the hair follicle.
The function is production of sebum for protect and waterproof hair
Where are the sensory receptors location and what they detect.
the sensory receptors are localizaid in the epidermis, detect pressure, traction, heat, cold, pain, and more.
Define Melanocytes, what melanocytess produce.
The melanocytes ar cells that produces melanin for pigmentation
What is the most common skin cancer and how we can prevent the skin cancer.
Bassal cell carcinoma, we cn prevent this cancer with the use of sunprotector.