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20 terms


Origin, Insertion, Action
O: manubrium of sternum; medial portion of clavicle
I: mastoid process of temporal bone & occipital bone
A: flexes head; tilts head toward shoulder
Serratus Anterior
O: ribs 1-8
I: anterior surface of vertebral border of scapula
A: holds scapula against chest wall; rotates scapula; abduction of arm
O: zygomatic arch & maxilla
I: ramus of mandible
A: elevates mandible
levator scapulae
O: transverse process of C1- C4
I: medial border of the scapula superior to spine
A: elevates/adducts scapula
biceps brachii
short head- O: coracoid process
long head- O: tubercle of glenoid cavity
I: common tendon into radial tuberosity
A: flexes elbow; supinates forearm
pronator teres
O: medial epicondyle of humerus; coronoid process of ulna
I: lateral radius; midshaft
A: pronates forearm
flexor carpi ulnaris
O: medial epicondyle of humerus; olecranon process of ulna
I: pissiform and hamate bones; 5th metacarpal
A: powerful flexor of wrist; adduct hand
extensor digitorum
O: lateral epicondyle of humerus
I: 4 tendons to distal phalanges of fingers 2-5
A: extends phalanges; extends wrist
O: anterior superiod iliac spine
I: medial aspect of proximal tibia
A: flexes, abducts, & laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee
gluteus maximus
O: dorsal ilium, sacrum, coccyx
I: gluteal tuberosity of femur; iliotibial tract
A: major extensor/abductor of thigh
biceps femoris
O: - long: ischial tuberosity
- short: linea aspera & distal femur
I: common tendon that inserts into head of fibula & lateral condyle of tibia
A: extends hip & flexes knee
O:ishcial tuberosity
I: medial aspect of upper tibial shaft
A: extends thigh & hip; flexes knee
rectus femoris
O: anterior inferior iliac spine & superior margin of acetabulum
I: patella & tibial tuberosity
A: flexes hip & extends knee
vastus lateralis
O: greater trochanter, intertrochanteric line, linea aspera
I: patella & tibial tuberosity
A: extends & stabilizes knee
adductor magnus
O: ischial & pubic ramus & ischial tuberosity
I: linea aspera & tubercle of femur
A: adducts & medially rotates & flexes thigh
tibialis anterior
O: lateral condyle & upper tibial shaft
I: inferior surfaces of medial cuneiform & 1st metatarsal bone
A: dorsiflexion & inversion of foot
peroneus longus (fibularis)
O: upper portion of lateral fibula
I: by tendon that curves under 1st metatarsal & medial cuneiform bone
A: plantar flexion & everts foot
internal oblique
O: lumbar fascia, iliac crest, inguinal ligament
I: linea alba; pubic crest, last 3 or 4 ribs
A: flexing vertebral column & compressing abdominal wall
rectus abdominis
O: pubic crest & symphysis
I: xiphoid process & costal cartilages of ribs 5-7
A: flex & rotate lumbar region of vertebral column; compresses abdomen; retracts ribs & sternum
pectoralis major
O: clavicle, sternum, ribs 1-6
I: intertubicular groove of humerus
A: arm flexion; rotates arm medially, adducts arm; rib cage upward