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Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB), Green Belt, Korean Terminology

Some of the words will look different to how they do in the blue book, this is because here they're written in the revised romanisation system.
foot parts
hand parts
back sole
dwit kkumchi
back heel
dwit chuk
vertical stance
sujik seogi
closed stance
moa seogi
bending stance
guburyeo seogi
circular block
dollimyeo makgi
hooking block
geolchyeo makgi
waist block
heori makgi
palm pushing block
sonbadak mireo makgi
upright punch
sewo jireugi
side punch
yeop jireugi
reverse turning kick
bandae dollyeo chagi
reverse side kick
bandae yeop chagi
reverse knifehand strike
sonkal deung ttaerigi
semi-free sparring
ban jayu matseogi