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Some of the words will look different to how they do in the blue book, this is because here they're written in the revised romanisation system.

foot parts


hand parts


back sole

dwit kkumchi

back heel

dwit chuk

vertical stance

sujik seogi

closed stance

moa seogi

bending stance

guburyeo seogi

circular block

dollimyeo makgi

hooking block

geolchyeo makgi

waist block

heori makgi

palm pushing block

sonbadak mireo makgi

upright punch

sewo jireugi

side punch

yeop jireugi

reverse turning kick

bandae dollyeo chagi

reverse side kick

bandae yeop chagi

reverse knifehand strike

sonkal deung ttaerigi

semi-free sparring

ban jayu matseogi

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