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  1. Metabolism
  2. The human body is composed of how many functions
  3. Platelets
  4. Buccal nerve
  5. Submental artery
  1. a 10 major systems
  2. b Supplies blood to the chin & lower lip , facial artery
  3. c Affects the muscles of the mouth
  4. d Smaller than red blood cells, contribute to the blood clotting process which stops bleeding.
  5. e Chemical process that takes place in living organisms

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  1. Supples blood to the skin & masseter
  2. Protective covering on body surfaces.
  3. Muscular wall that seperates the thorax from the abdominal region & helps control breathing.
  4. Primary inlet for air
  5. Called skeetal or volintary muscles, attached to the bones & are controlled by the will.

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  1. BrainLargest & most complex nerve tissue in the human bosy


  2. Midldle temporal arteryAffects the external ear & skin above the temple up to the top of the skull.


  3. Infraobital arterySupples blood to the forhead & eyelids


  4. White blood cellsExcrete Urine


  5. The large intestineSupples the blood to the side of the nose, facial artery