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  1. Lungs
  2. Superficial temporal artery
  3. Triceps
  4. Pericardium
  5. Bones of the face include
  1. a Enclosed by a membrane
  2. b Exhale carbon dioxide
  3. c 2 nasal bones, 2 lacrimal bones, 2 zygomatic or malar bones, 2 maxillae bones, mandible, vomer, 2 palatine bones, 2 inferior concha.
  4. d Large muscle that covers the entire back of the upper arm & extends the forarm.
  5. e Continuation of the external cartoid artery & supples blood to the muscles of the front, side, & top of the head,

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  1. Carry impulses or messages from the sense organs to the breain where snesations of touch, cold, heat, sight, hearing, taste, smell, pain & pressure are experienced.
  2. Affects the skin between the eyes & upper side of the nose.
  3. Dense active protoplasm, found in the center of the cell, important part of reproduction & metabolism.
  4. Muscles of the neck that loweres rotates the head
  5. Eliminaties prespiration

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  1. Red Blood cellsRed Corpuscles, produce in the red bone marrow.


  2. Muscles of the ear areEpicranius, Occipitalis, Fontalis, Aponeurosis


  3. What are the primary functions of the skeletal systemBrain, eyes, heart, kidney, lngs, liver, skin & stomach


  4. NeuronNerve cell is primary structural unit of the nervous system


  5. PlatysmaBroad muscle extending from the chest & shoulder muscles to the side of the chin, responsible for lowering the lower jaw & lip


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