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  1. Red Blood cells
  2. Risorius
  3. Zygomatic Nerve
  4. The brain controls what
  5. Buccal nerve
  1. a Affects the muscles of the upper part of the cheek
  2. b Affects the muscles of the mouth
  3. c Muscle that draws the corner of the mouth out & back as in grinning
  4. d Red Corpuscles, produce in the red bone marrow.
  5. e Sensation, muscles, glandular activity & the power to think & feel. It sends & recieves messages,

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  1. Nerve cell is primary structural unit of the nervous system
  2. Muscular wall that seperates the thorax from the abdominal region & helps control breathing.
  3. Colorless jellylike substance in which food elements such as proteins fats & carbohydrates, minerals salts & water.
  4. Ophthalmic, mandibular & maxilary.
  5. Muscle located beneath the frontalis & orbicularis oculi that draws the eyebrow down & wrinkles the foehead vertically

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  1. Lymph Vascular SystemActs as an aid to the blood system & consists of the lymph, lyphmatic, lymph nodes, & other structures,


  2. Occipital bonePart othat does not move, attached to the skeleton & usually part of a skeletal muscle.


  3. AnatomyStudy of structures of the human body that can be seen with the naked eye & what they are made up of.


  4. Cell membranceAffects the points & lower side of the nose.


  5. SternumGroups of bodily organs acting together to perform one or more functions.