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  1. Joiny
  2. Temporal Nerve
  3. Cranium
  4. Muscular tissues can be stimulated by
  5. Digestive enzymes
  1. a Chemicals that change certain kinds of food into a forum that can be used by the body.
  2. b Connection between 2 or more bones of the skeleton.
  3. c Massage, electrical, light rays, heat rays, moist heat, nerve impulses & chemicals.
  4. d Affects the muscles of the temple side of the forhead eyebrow eyelid & upper part of the cheek.
  5. e Oval bony case that protects the brain

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  1. Cheif motor nerve of the face, emerges near the lower part of the ear & extends so the muscles of the neck. Controls all the muscles of facial expression.
  2. Major & minor muscles extending from the zygomatic bone to the angle of the mouth that elevate the lip as in laughing.
  3. Nerve cell is primary structural unit of the nervous system
  4. Known as quadratus labii inferioris a muscle surounding the lower lip that depressers the lower lip & draws it to one side.
  5. Large triangular muscle covering the shouolder joint that allows the arm to extend outward & to the side of the body.

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  1. Endocrine systemNerve fibers extending fromthe nerve cell that recieve impulses away from the cel body to other neurons glands or muscles.


  2. Cervical veterbreaThe 7 bones of the top part of the vertebral column located in the neck region.


  3. TissueAutomatic nerve reaction to a stimulus that involves the movement of an impulse from a sensory receptor along the afferent nerve to the spinal cord.


  4. The circulatory systemControls the steady circulation of the blood throught the body means of the heart & blood cells.


  5. Laatissimus dorsiBroad flat muscle covering the back of the neck & upper & middle region of the back, controlling the shoulder blade & the swinging movements of arm.