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  1. Types of Nerves
  2. Supraobital Nerve
  3. What two parts is the skull divided in?
  4. Scapula
  5. Fifth Cranial nerve consists of 3 branches
  1. a Ophthalmic, mandibular & maxilary.
  2. b Sensory, efferent & reflex nerves
  3. c Affects the skin of the forehead, scalp, eyebrow & upper eyelid.
  4. d Cranium & the Facial skeleton
  5. e Shoulder blade

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  1. Discharges bile
  2. Carries the blood from the heart throughout the body & back to the heart.
  3. Muscle behind the ear that draws the ear backward
  4. Connection between 2 or more bones of the skeleton.
  5. Located in the back of the head, affects the scalp as far up as the top of the head.

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  1. The skinEliminaties prespiration


  2. What is ProtoplasmStudy of the science of the minute structures of organic tissue.


  3. Lymph Vascular SystemResponsible for coorfinating all the many activities that are performed both inside & outside of the body.


  4. The 10 systems for the human body isCirculatory, digestive, endocrine, excretory, integumentary, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory & skeletal.


  5. What are the primary functions of the skeletal systemTo carry food & secretions to the cells & to take carbon dioxide away from the cells.