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  1. Plasma
  2. Dendrites
  3. Endocrine gland
  4. Hemoglobin
  5. The human body is composed of how many functions
  1. a Fluid part of the blood in which the red & white blood cells & platelets flow. 90% water & contains protiens sugars & oxygen.
  2. b Complex iron protein that gives the blood its bright red color
  3. c Nerve fibers extending fromthe nerve cell that recieve impulses away from the cel body to other neurons glands or muscles.
  4. d Duct glands produce a substance that travels through small tube like ducts. Sweat & oil of the skin belong to this group
  5. e 10 major systems

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  1. Main source of blood supply to the head, face 7 neck. Located on either side of the neck, each os divided into an internal & external branch.
  2. Affects the muscles behind the ear at the base of the skull.
  3. Whitish cords made up of bundles of nerves fibers held together by connective tissue through which impulses are transmitted. Nerves have origin in the brain & spinal cord & send their branches to all parts of the body.
  4. Carries the blood from the heart throughout the body & back to the heart.
  5. Uppermost & largest bne of the arm extending from the elbow to the shoulder

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  1. PhalangesMinute think walled blood vessels that connect the smaller arteries to the vein. Bring nutrients to the cell & carry away waste materials


  2. TricepsMuscle producing the contour of the front & inner side of the upper arm, they lift the forarm, flex the elbow & turn the palms outward.


  3. Infraobital NerveAffects the points & lower side of the nose.


  4. Internal Carotid ArterySupplies blood to the upper lip & region of the nose.


  5. Nasal NerveAffects the skin of the lower lip & chin.