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  1. Examples of Epithelial tissue are
  2. The human body is composed of how many functions
  3. The kidneys
  4. Types of Nerves
  5. Supraobital Nerve
  1. a Sensory, efferent & reflex nerves
  2. b 10 major systems
  3. c Affects the skin of the forehead, scalp, eyebrow & upper eyelid.
  4. d Excrete Urine
  5. e Skin, mucous membrances, lining of the heart, digestive & respitory organs & glands.

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  1. Affects the muscles of the mouth
  2. Fluid part of the blood in which the red & white blood cells & platelets flow. 90% water & contains protiens sugars & oxygen.
  3. Breastbone that forms the ventralsupport of the ribs
  4. Known as the trifacial, cheif sensory nerve of the face & serves as the moter nerve of the muscle that controls chewing
  5. Groups of bodily organs acting together to perform one or more functions.

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  1. The Elventh Cranial Nerve (facial)Cheif motor nerve of the face, emerges near the lower part of the ear & extends so the muscles of the neck. Controls all the muscles of facial expression.


  2. Occiipital arterySupplies blood to the skin & muscles of the scalp


  3. There are how many nerve cells in the body?8 to 10 , blood is also 80 percent water, & 98.6 normal tempature.


  4. Submental arterySupplies blood to the chin & lower lip , facial artery


  5. MetacarpusPalm consisting of 5 long slender bones called metacarpal bones


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