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Woodrow Call

He is part owner of the Hat Creek Cattle Company and is the hardest worker of the two; Former Texas Ranger and because of his leadership role in the outfit, he is often called the Captain; walks the river each night; He is a taciturn man who believes in completing his duties above all else, living an ethical life, and responsibly caring for those whom he employs. However, he lives in denial about what's really important and often hurts those for whom he cares the most.

Gus McCrae

Also a former Texas Ranger who won a merit award from the Governor of Texas for his courage under fire, he is the more sensitive and understanding of the two partners, although also the laziest. He has a deep understanding of what makes life work, and yet he, too, often makes mistakes that directly impact on people he least wants to hurt.


She is the "sporting woman" of Lonesome Dove and has such an impact on the men who live there that much is blamed on her when things go wrong. She is the prime example of a woman of the Old West who ends up always dependent on some man while seriously pining for the right to her own independence.

Jake Spoon

He is a former Texas Ranger and a dashing gambler who lives a "love 'em and leave 'em" life until he runs across Lorena Wood. His relationship with her will have a seriously adverse effect on the decisions he makes and as a result, he will lose his life as a young man.

Clara Allen

The former lover of both Gus McCrae and Jake Spoon, she is now married to a comatose husband and is keeping their horse farm together. One of Gus' motivations for going on the cattle drive is to find her again and see if there's any hope for a future with her. She is a strong, opinionated woman who has a keen eye for the needs of those she loves, but is often frustrated by the choices she made in life.

Newt Dobbs

A seventeen year old boy who has lived for ten years with Call and McCrae, he desperately desires to know who his father is and to be taken seriously as a cowboy. He goes on the cattle drive with the two men and learns that Call is his father, but never hears the man publicly admit he's his son. He grows up in a bitter way on the long drive north.


A black man and an excellent hand for the Hat Creek Company, he has known Call and Gus since their Ranger days. He is probably more competent at his job than any of the white men in the company, but dies on the long drive north. Gus laments after his death that there were many things they had not done for the man while he lived, and he leaves his award of merit on his grave in his honor.

Pea Eye

The most loyal member of the Hat Creek Cattle Company; is not the smartest of the group, but he would die for Call and Gus if they asked him; very afraid of Indians; He has a hard time with change, but turns to his work whenever he feels confused about the loss of what he comes to know best.

July Johnson

The sheriff from Fort Smith, Arkansas, he goes in search of Jake Spoon for killing his brother. However, he finds his attention diverted to finding Elmira, his wife who runs away as soon as he is gone. His is rather innocent in many ways and also feels too passionately about her when she has no desire for him. His search takes him across the path of the Hat Creek Cattle Company and Clara Allen.


A former "sporting girl" from Dodge City, she marries July Johnson to escape the abuse of the buffalo hunters. However, she a single-minded woman who only desires something for herself, and she allows no one to infringe on that dream, including her husband and her children. Her desperate desire for independence eventually leads to a horrible death.

Dish Boggett

An extremely competent cowboy, he signs on for the drive north and is very happy when Lorena ends up on the same drive. He has a deep love for her that she spurns, but he never gives up hoping to win her.

Blue Duck

He is an evil Indian who roams the plains in search of people to kidnap, sell, or just to murder. He steals Lorena with the intention of giving her as a plaything to the men who roam with him and then to allow them to murder her. He is the ultimate symbol of evil in the story.

Roscoe Brown

The deputy sheriff of Fort Smith, Arkansas, he is forced by the townspeople to search for July Johnson to tell him Elmira has run away. He is totally inept for the journey, but it's a decision made by July Johnson, his sheriff, that leads to his death.


July Johnson's sister-in-law, she pressures July to bring back Jake Spoon for killing her husband and later forces Roscoe to look for July to report that his wife has run away.


The piano player in the Dry Bean Saloon, he goes on the cattle drive even though he has an open wound in his stomach.

Xavier Wanz

The owner of the Dry bean Saloon, he begs Lorena to stay and marry him rather than go with Jake on the cattle drive. He later commits suicide by burning down the saloon as he sits in Lorena's room.


The Mexican cook for the Hat Creek Cattle Company, he is obsessed with ringing the dinner bell. He goes on the cattle drive, but when his mistake costs them their wagon, he resigns, only to return to the old ranch, because he really has nowhere else to go.

Po Campo

The new cook for the cattle drive, he has predictive abilities and gains the men's respect for his food and his advice; walks along side the wagon


A Mexican, he serves as the right hand of Clara Allen.

Sean O'Brien

Irishman who ends up in the cattle drive; songs sooth the cattle; ends up dying a horrific death by water moccasins

Big Zwey

The slow thinking buffalo hunter who falls in love with Elmira - seems almost to worship her and never tries anything with her; does whatever she asks him to do, and dies with her in a Sioux massacre.


Another buffalo hunter who travels with Zwey and Elmira; s obsessed to have her body and will even hurt her to get it - Zwey has to nearly kill him to make him leave Elmira alone.

Dan Suggs

bandit who roams the plains and towns of the west seeking to steal whatever they can; offer Jake a job as a regulator - someone who will control the trail driving business by charging a toll for a herd to cross a river or take a certain road; enjoys killing and is judged by Jake Spoon, who ends up in their company, to be insane.

Frog Lip

The black man who rides with the Suggs Brothers, he, like Dan, enjoys killing for killing's sake; shot when the men attack Wilbarger - Brothers shoot him to finish him off

Joe Boot

Elmira's son who goes with July Johnson to chase after Jake Spoon; later ends up with Roscoe Brown and dies at the hands of Blue duck

Capt. Weaver and Dixon

Two members of the US military post-Civil War, they try to forcibly take horses from the Hat Creek Company and beat up Newt.

Monkey John

one of two white men who roam with Blue Duck and have half ownership of Lorena; very abusive; dies when Gus finds them.


a girl who had been taken as a slave wife by a viscous old man. She escapes him and hooks up with Roscoe for safety; ends up with July Johnson and later Roscoe Brown; dies at hands of Blue Duck

Dog Face

one of two white men who roam with Blue Duck and have half ownership of Lorena; more caring of two; wounded when he pursues Gus; the Kiowa castrate and scalp him - still not dead, but Gus puts him out of his misery when he attacks the camp

Hell Bitch

name of Call's horse


Who is Newt's father?

Pea Eye and Gus

When Call leaves the Hat Creek Cattle Company to walk by the river, which two workers drink whiskey?


When Call leaves the Hat Creek Cattle Company to walk by the river, which worker sharpens his knife?


When Call leaves the Hat Creek Cattle Company to walk by the river, which worker wonders when he'll be back?

San Francisco

Where does Lorena dream of going to?


What city is Lorena from?

Mosby Marlin

made Lorena believe that he would marry her, but brought her to live with his mother and sisters in a house without windows in a place called Gladewater. They burned smoke inside all day to drive off the mosquitoes, but it didn't work. Also, the other women were meaner to her than they were to their nigras; saw her as his own meal ticket and forced her into the sporting life by threatening to kill her if she tried to run away; ceased to talk any more than she had to. One night, he needed gambling money and sold her to another man

John Tinkersley

tallest, prettiest man Lorena had ever met; suggested she accompany him to San Antonio; hit her when she talked back and set her up in the sporting life just as Mosby had done. He even discovered all the places she hid money from him and cleaned her out to the last penny. One day they headed down toward the border and ended up in Lonesome Dove. There, if she had known how to cock the trigger, she would have killed him while he lay drunk on the bed. As a result, he decided to leave her there in Lonesome Dove, but not before trashing her reputation, calling her a murderous woman


Where did Lorena have a scar from when John Tinkersley bit her?

bible, biscuits

In the morning Gus reads the ________ and makes sourdough ____________


Newt's mother who was a whore; slept with Jake, Gus, and very briefly, Call


Who gets sent to San Antonio from the Hat Creek Company with money for the bank?


What occupation is the man who Jake accidentally kills in Arkansas?


husband of Clara Allen who gets kicked in the head by a horse and lies upstairs in a sort of coma


man who comes to the Hat Creek Stable and orders 40 horses to replace the ones some Mexicans ran off with; later the Suggs Brothers with Jake decide to attack them at night so it will be passed off as Indians who did it - shoot him three times; Deets finds him and he asks to see Gus if it's not too much trouble for him to ride to where the older man lays

Hacienda Flores

the largest ranch in Coahuila, Mexico, where the Hat Creek Stable steals horses from

Pedro Flores

owner of largest ranch in Coahuila, Mexico; Hat Creek Stable Company men are very nervous that he will come to steal his horses back; they find out later he is dead


Newt's horse at the beginning of the story; accidentally speared by the horn of a mother cow trying to protect her calf. Call says that Newt has to put the horse down, because there's nothing else to be done, but Dish Boggett steps in and proclaims that a man shouldn't have to put down his own horse when there are others who can do it. He then leads the horse away and shoots him for Newt. Once again, all Newt wants to do is be in the dark to mourn for a horse that had been with him for eight year

Dry Bean Saloon

name of saloon in Lonesome Dove

Jasper Fant

a "skinny little waddie" from upriver; hired to help on cattle drive

Kicking Wolf

a Comanche who eluded the Rangers for twenty years; Call enjoyed having him to outwit

50, 10

Gus offers Lorie $____ for sex and pays $____ to Lippy to keep quiet


Who does Newt believe is his father at the beginning of the book?

Soupy Jones

had ridden with Gus and Call when they were Rangers and is a fine horseman who seldom wants to even dismount. He asks to be hired on, because his wife has died; Once they arrive in Montana, sees it as an insult that a boy (Newt) is given priority over him. He eventually draws his wages and, along with Bert Borum, leaves for Texas

Allen O'Brien

Irishman who ends up in the cattle drive; songs sooth the cattle; longs to go home to Ireland and his wife

Ben and Jimmy Rainey

brothers hired by Call as hands to help on the cattle drive - taken from dozen children

Needle Nelson

hand hired by Call to help on the cattle drive; struck by father who steals horses in Montana


What disease is July Johnson recovering from that prevents his immediate pursue of Jake?

Dodge City

Where had Jake Spoon and Elmira previously met?


What is Elmira that July doesn't know about?

Dee Boot

Joe's father who Elmira loved; Elmira lies and tells July that he is dead;

Fort Smith

What town was July sheriff in?

Charlie Barnes

The town banker of Fort Smith who goes with Peach to inform Roscoe that Elmira is gone


the only person Newt feels understands him


What did Lorena want to hide under during the lightning storm that Jake made her move from; later this is struck by lightning


First river the herd crosses; Sean O'Brien dies here

whiskey boat

How does Elmira travel away from Fort Smith?


What river does Elmira head up when she leaves Fort Smith?


name of chief trader on whiskey boat with Elmira

wild pigs

Animals Roscoe Brown in chased by when he sets up to find July

Louisa Brooks

outspoken farmer woman Roscoe meets on his way to find July; proposes that he stay and marry her; she seduces him at night; he rides away that morning


man stuck in a boggy river that July and Joe help out; had been systematically unloading his belongings and allowing them to flow down the river, because he says he no long needs them. He tells July and Joe that he has been traveling though the country looking for different species of bugs. He believes that when the human species finishes with the planet, the insects will take over, so he has left a thousand bugs in Little Rock for study. Now, however, he has become bored with bugs and thinks he'll go to Texas to preach the Gospel. What makes July uneasy about the man is that he only has to look at July to see that he is troubled, carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders. He also offers to keep Joe and for a moment, July is tempted. But then he tells him that they'll just meet somewhere down the road. July and Joe decide the man must be crazy, but Joe is unnerved by how he could see into his heart

Nueces, San Antonio, Red, Canadian, Arkansas, Republican, Platte, Powder, Salt, Yellowstone, Marais, Milk

Twelve rivers crossed

Deets and Gus

Two people who help out Jake and Lorena at their camp


almost drowns when the wagon races unchecked like Comanche are after it and wrecks; wreck happens because Bolivar accidentally falls asleep and fires his rifle, and was thrown from the wagon - then resigns

Willie Montgomery

used to own the saloon in San Antonio back when Gus and Call were rangers

Ned Tym

man in saloon in San Antonio who remembers them well and points out that the Texas Rangers are back in town

Tobe Walker

sheriff in San Antonio; used to be a Texas Ranger and had ridden with Gus and Call;


new saloon owner in San Antonio

Buffalo Springs

On his way to find July, Roscoe comes upon a party of soldiers headed to ________________ who get him drunk but do help transport him


Roscoe's horse


name of man who sold Janey to viscious man for 28 skunk hides; was supposed to take her to Fort Worth

Clara's Orchard

little spring-fed creek that Gus suddenly heads off to on his way to Austin; was a place where he and Clara had come on their buggy rides. He reminisces how he'd asked her to marry him there, but she'd refused; this spot reminds him of the time when he was the happiest


has the best eyesight of the group


Place where Clara Allen has settled down

Newt, Dish

Who is assigned to watch Lorie to keep her safe from Blue Duck? And who is annoyed by this choice?


sets off by himself to save Lorie from Blue Duck


the leader of the group of Indians who bought Lorena from Big Duck

Fort Worth

place where July receives letter from Peach informing him that Elmira has run away

Sedgwick, Wilbarger, livery

July considers leaving Joe with a job with _____________, _____________ and then a ___________ stable

tobacco, follow, rocks

Roscoe encounters some rough-looking travelers who demand ___________ and say he's lying when he says he doesn't have any; they later _________ Roscoe and Janey and mug them, but Janey throws _______ at them to get them to leave

livery stable

Where does Roscoe try to drop off Janey to board for $3 a month? She later escapes from here.

Aus Frank

a very strange man Gus meets on his way to finding Lorie who gathers buffalo bones in a wheelbarrow and piles them up in a series of pyramid shapes. Gus had also known him as a bank robber who had only spent four days in prison

six Kiowa

Gus learns from Aus Frank that Blue Duck usually travels with ___ ________

whiskey, dice, horses, weapons, ownership, kill

One night, Blue Duck rides in with _______ for the Kiowa, and once they are drunk, he takes out his _____ and forces the men to play. In the process of the game, he wins their _______ and their ________ as well as complete ___________ of Lorena. He has no intention of using her as the other Indians have. Instead, he promises the men he will give everything back, including her, if they will go find Gus and ______ him.

Call, Pea Eye, Deets, Call

Fighting styles of Gus's old comrades: _____ was a great attacker; _______ was mostly concerned with not running out of bullets and would not take chances with his shots; ______ would never fire on a fleeing man; but ______ would pursue one fifty miles or more.


Gus uses his horses' _______ as protection against the Indians pursuing him as he tries to rescue Lorie


weapon Blue Duck uses to kill Roscoe, Janey, and Joe

Po Campo

reveals that Blue Duck had killed his three sons when he rode south to kill his cheating wife

Old Dog

The lead steer; When they cross the Marais River, he falls back and disappears. Later, they find two grizzlies making a meal of him

Adobe Walls

Gus takes Lorie to this old fort where Gus had once seen some nasty men and soldiers; now completely deserted and most of the buildings in ruins because of not enough buffalo. He finds them shelter in a building with a relatively good roof remaining, and they hole up there until the weather changes; stay for two days

food, tent

Wilbarger provides Gus and Lorie with _____ and a _____

Bill and Pete Spettle

brothers hired as hands by Call to help on the cattle drive - family seems ready to starve out. Because of this, Call's reluctant to take the Widow's oldest sons. However, she insists that they go, because she has six other children to feed. She cries terribly when they leave, but she knows that they will be better off;confide in Newt that they would run away right then if they weren't afraid of getting lost

Bill's, Trinity

After Lorie gets captured, Jake spends most of his days in a place called _____ Saloon on the _________ River Bluffs

Sally Skull

hard-drinking whore Jake has access to after Lorena is captured; sits with her on her porch and watches the wagons move up and down the streets of Fort Worth even though he pays $10 a day for the bed and her privileges; also takes what she calls her "powders;" Later, is taken to jail for shooting a young foreman in the shoulder for being mouthy with her. While there, she bribes one of the deputies to get her the powders. When he brings them in to her, she tries to grab his gun and in the ensuing scuffle, they shoot each other fatally. There is a strong reaction from the town directed toward whores and gamblers, so Jake decides it's prudent to leave town; finds $600 in her hatbox and steals it on his way to Dallas

Old Bacon Rind

Indian who once fed Gus and Call buffalo - Call feels he needs to return the favor so he gives a group of poor and starved-looking Indians a steer


cloud of this animal comes through; us and Lorena take shelter in the tent, but the hands are caught out in the middle of it. Call tells them that they have to just live through it; Newt ends up alone with a bunch of Indians who are kind and try to help him by pointing him in the right direction

Jim, Hutto

Two criminals July and Janey capture and haul into town


young woman Jake is attracted to at a small store he is at with the Suggs brothers; When he strikes up a conversation with the girl, her husband, who is an angry old man, smashes him with the end of his rifle. When the old man tries to strike a second time, Jake shoots him. When their people begin to spill out of the store, Jake mounts up to leave even though he is reluctant to enter the Territory with two deaths against his name. In neither case is he really to blame, but the law never understands that. So, he rides off with the Suggs Brothers and a final smile from her. That confuses him as well.

two; Frog Lip

The Suggs brothers indicate they are looking for nesters with more than a cow and a pile of buffalo chips. These are people who have built sod houses on the prairie in order to farm. They come across a family and decide to rob them. Unfortunately, all the family has is ____ $2 gold pieces. They take the money, much frustrated, and Jake is glad to see that it looks like nothing else is going to come of it. But _________ drives their two cows on top of the sod roof and their weight breaks the roof in with no damage to the cows. He had done it just because he didn't get to shoot any one.

Dodge City, Peach

July goes to ___________ to write a letter to ________ to explain about Roscoe and Joe but cries when he begins to write


the town whore of Dodge City; knows more about Dee than he does; had known Elmira when they both were whores in Dodge. She tells July that Elmira is no doubt hunting Dee Boot, and then, because she always liked to steal Elmira's men in the past, she offers July a little fun. Unfortunately, July is so drunk that he can only lean over the railing of her porch and vomit most of the night; he next day, he sees her do intimate things that he has never before seen a woman do. It makes him realize that he's no better than the cowboys who drive the herds - he's fallen in love with a whore. She sees such pain in his eyes that she feels bad, while July just thinks how terribly lonely he feels. She advises him to just go back home, because even if he finds Elmira, it won't make her agree to come back with him

hung, fire

Two hours after the Suggs brothers attack Wilbarger, they come across a tent with two men plowing the ground outside it. Dan Suggs kills them both with a single shot to the head each, and then strings up the bodies as if they were _____, and eventually sets the bodies on _____. There is no reason the Dan shot them, because they have nothing of value, so it's clear to Jake that the man is insane. Getting away as soon as possible is the only course left open to him


Dish is almost killed in this river when his horse takes fright, but Deets saves him before the horse can paw him under

Pea Eye

almost dies trying to get Sean O'Brien out of the Nueces River

Newt, Pea Eye, Dish

When Call, Deets and Gus go off to see the dying Wilbarger, they also take ______ and ______, leaving _______ in charge of Lorena and the herd

Eddie Suggs

bandit who roams the plains and towns of the west seeking to steal whatever they can; has to be shot in the shoulder when captured;

friends, Newt, money, spurs

When Jake is hung, he says he's glad his _________ are hanging him, not strangers; he gives his pony to _______; he tells the others they can divide his _______; then he ______ his horse to bring about his own hanging


Clara's oldest daughter


Clara's youngest daughter who develops a bond with Lorena - is the only happiness in Lorena's life after Gus dies


How many sons of Clara's have died?


only thing Clara and Bob ever quarreled about

Elmira, Big Zwey, Luke

First three visitors readers see that arrive at Clara's


What Cholo calls Dee Boot when Elmira asks about him

jail, hanging

When Elmira arrives in Ogallala, where is Dee Boot? What is his fate?

lame, Dodge, snake

July Johnson is cursing himself as a man in a worse position than Job. He keeps having setbacks and accidents in his search for Elmira. First, his horse goes ______, and he has to walk back to _______ and buy another. Then, near the Republican River, as he is sleeping, he is bitten by a ______, and his right leg becomes so swollen and painful he has to cut his pant leg.


What Clara names July and Elmira's baby; he is beloved by all the women;


What does Po Campo continually warn the herd about?


Who takes all the deaths the hardest?

St. Louis

Where do Big Zwey and Elmira try to head after July catches up with them in Ogallala?


What type of Indians is Big Zwey warned about when he and Elmira head off to St. Louis? They are later murdered by these Indians.


What is the name of the song that July sings to Martin when Clara forces him to hold him?


Who on the drive dreams of going back to the Rio Grande?


Middle-age gambler Gus meets in Ogallala; He suggests they have a game, but Gus isn't interested in one with only two players. Tells Nellie, a whore, to go away, because they are trying to get a game of cards to together. Instead, she offers herself to Gus upon which he cuffs her across the face. He tells Gus he hit her, because she's a "tart," and he won't have her interfering in his pleasure. Gus reacts by offering a chair beside him to Nellie and telling him to go away, because he won't play cards or drink with a man who hits women. him warns Nellie that she'll get a beating she'll never forget if she interferes with him again. At that, Gus hits him so hard he knocks him back into the next table. After he leaves, Nellie explains that he's Rosie's husband, and she works for Rosie


whore in Ogallala who works for Rosie; Shaw hits her, calling her a "tart," when she offers herself to Gus; Gus gives her twenty dollars to bribe Shaw not to beat her


Shaw's wife; head whore of Ogallala;


fine little mare Dish picks out in Ogallala; She is the exact opposite of the Hell Bitch, and she has become almost like a pet to him

Dixon, Dish, Sugar; Newt, Pete Spettle, Call, Gus

In Ogallala, a party of about half dozen soldiers led by ______ rides up - he spits tobacco juice all over ______'s shirt. When Dish rushes him for the insult, Dixon hits him twice over the head with the gun barrel. Then, the soldier grabs ______'s reins and turns to ride away. _____ immediately reacts by grabbing the bridle bit of the horse and hanging on for dear life. Dixon grabs the rawhide quirt on the saddle of one of the soldiers and begins to beat Newt with it. _________ tries to grab the quirt, but Dixon hits him hard enough to break his nose. Then, one of the blows of the quirt hits Sugar, and her squeal gets _____'s attention. He mounts the Hell Bitch and wheels toward the scene of the fight. He feels an anger he hasn't felt in many years and charges headlong into the melee. When Dixon is thrown by his horse, Call jumps down and begins to beat his head against an anvil. Everyone shouts that he's going to kill Dixon, so _____ literally lassoes Call and pulls him away. The soldiers just calmly load the beaten man on his horse and ride away.


Before he leaves the younger boys in Ogallala, Gus slips each of them a ___ dollar gold piece so they can have a taste of what the hands have been talking about: drinking and whoring

Mary and Buf

Two whores the younger boys meet in Ogallala

Pete Spettle

Only one of the younger boys who decides to leave when they get to the whore house


Whore Newt meets up with in Ogallala; the experience isn't everything he thought it would be - feels that it wasn't worth the ten dollars he had spent (other hands agree)

Newt, Ben Rainey

On the way back to the herd from Ogallala, something spooks their horses and ______ and _______ are thrown


Where does Clara kiss Gus when he comes?


Who does Call have to bargain with for horses at the Allens? This person sets a very stiff price that he reluctantly agrees to


Who does Clara offer the other sorrel gelding with a white star on his forehead and deducts the price from what Call will pay?

Call and July

Who are the only two people who feel awkward at the picnic Clara throws?

Newt, Lorena

Clara offers both _______ and ________ a place at her house. (Only the latter accepts).


Po Campo's favorite sweetener

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