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George Washington's family plantation was located in

Mount Vernon

In the 1700's, the most advanced economic power was


The navigation act of 1651 required that all

trade carried out in the English empire must be conducted in English ships

Which product was the most important colonial import?


Which region was the predominant exporter of tobaco?

Chesapeake region

When a combination of poor harvests and warefare in Europe created demand, many colonial ffarmers diversified by producing this crop.


English merchants _______ credit to colonists.

generously extended

Colonial manufacturing took pllace primarily in:

artisans' workshops

Eighteenth-century America imported ___ English manufactured good than it did previously.

more (on a per capita basis)

Thinkers during the Age of Enlightenment stressed:

the power of human reason

Spanish officials appointed to ensure better colonial tax collection were called:


The Quartering Acts required:

colonial assemblies to provide barracks for British troops

The Prroclamation of 1763 forbade white settlement:

west of the Appalachians

After the French and Indian War, European alliances with the Indians

became less important

Pontiac, who led the Indians against the colonists andd British troops was a(an) ___ chief.


In 1751, which region was forbiddenn by Parliament to issue any more of its own currency?

New England

Which act was the first to impose an internal tax on the colonies?

the Stamp Act

According to John Loccke, rulers have the authority to enforce law:

only for the public good

The Stamp Act Congress of 1765 was held in:

New York

The Declaration of Rights and Grievances:

stated that Parliament had no right to tax the colonies.

Vigilante groups fromed in Nroth Carolina in the 1760's called themselves:


Who wrote under the pen name "A Farmer in Pennsylvania"?

John dickinson

What British Prime Minister proposed to rescind the Townshend duties?


The Tea Act of 1773:

exempted British tea from duties

Who reportedly gave the signal for the Boston Tea Party at Old South Meething House?

Samuel Adams

What British commander in chief in America was named the governor of Massachusetts?


The Quebec Act:

increased the power of the Catholic Church.

At the First Continetal Congress:

only a minority of delegates was willing to go to war with Britain.

Who headed the Massachusetts Committee of Safety in 1774?

John Hancock

Paul Revere worked as a :


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