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what nerve innervates the pectoralis minor?

medial pectoral nerve C8, T1

where does the deltoid insert and what is it's innervation?

deltoid tuberosity on the humerus and axillary nerve!

what nerve innervates the pronator teres?

median nerve

what nerve innervates the triceps?

Radial nerve C6,C7 and C8

what are the attachments and innervation of the pulmaris longus?

medial epicondyle---- flexor retinaculum
Median nerve C7

what nerve innervates the flexor carpi ulnaris?

ulnar nerve C7, C8

what is the function of the pulmaris longus?

weak flexor of the wrist

what is the function of the teres major and its innervation?

adducts+ medially rotates
lower subscapular nerve C6,C7

what nerve innervates the pectoralis major?

lateral and medial pectoral nerve

what nerve innervates the extensor carpi radialis longus?

radial nerve

what muscles does the long throacic nerve innervate?

serratus anterior

what muscles does the dorsal scapular nerve innervate?

both rhomboids and levator scapulae

what muscles does the axillary nerve innervate?

deltoids and teres minor

what type of synovial joint is the wrist joint?

ellipsoid joint

what type of joint is the talocalcanealnavicular joint?

ball and socket joint?

what type of joint is the metatarsophalageal joint?


what structures course over the roof of the anatomical snuff box?

radial nerve and radial artery

what nerve will be damaged if it causes thenar wasting?

median nerve

sensory loss over the dorsal aspect of the index will be caused by damage to what nerve?

radial nerve

what nerve is effected to cause handle bar palsy?

ulnar nerve

what is affected when there is damage to the musculocutaneous nerve?

elbow flexion, shoulder flexion and sensory loss over lateral side of the forearm

if there is sensory loss over the posterior surface of the lateral side of the hand, what nerve is effected?

radial nerve

what is the condition called when there is damage to the metacarpalphelangeal joint of the thumb?

Skier's thumb

what muscles does the radial nerve innervate?

B= brachioradialis

which flexor of the forearm does not enter the carpal tunnel?

flexor carpi ulnaris

what nerve innervates the flexor digitorum profundus?

ulnar nerve

damage to what nerve results in claw hand?

ulnar nerve

damage to what nerve causes wrist drop?

Radial nerve

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