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union of austria and germany
violated the treaty of versailles
created a brief war scare


giving in to the demands of an aggressor in order to keep peace
was created because france could not deal with hitler without help from britain who did not want to confront german dictator

sudeten land

a region of wester czechoslovakia
many germans in this lag
hitler said that this land should be annexed by germany


japan seized this country in 1931=>league of nations condemned japans aggression=>japan left the organization

axis powers

rome, berlin, tokyo (italy,germany,japan)
three nations agreed to fight soviet communism
three nations agreed not to interfere with one anothers plans for territory

munich pact

manchuria conference in 1938 british +french chose appeasement to pursue the czechs to give up the sudeten land without a fight
hitler in return assured brit and france that he had no more plans to gather territory

nazi soviet pact

bound hitler + stalin to peaceful relations
both agreed to not fight if they went to war and divided poland and other eastern euro parts between them

league of nations

condemned the aggression of japan seizing manchuria
has no power to enforce anything


land on french and german borders

spanish civil war

king was overthrown by liberal constitution
then conservative overthrew gov by francisco franco


told crowds that he ha achieved "peace for time"
told parliament that the munich pact saved czechoslovakia from destruction europe from armageddon


1939-germany invaded this country
nazis stormed into poland using blitzkrieg
germany encircled polands army


the german people who were pure german


"lightning warfare"
utilized improved tanks and air power technology to strike a devastating blow against enemy

phony war

1st winter, france hunkered down behind magneto like
britain sent troops to help


beach where british sent troops to help on ships

vichy government

"puppet state"
french's capital

charles de gaulle

leader of the free french
worked to liberate homeland

operation sea lions

Britain is no longer determined to turn back the enemy
hitlers plan to invade Britain

the blitz

bombing attacks
used by germany on london

general rommel

desert fox
pushed british back across desert toward cairo, egypt

operation barbarossa

a plan which too its name form a german leader
plan:nazzi-soviet pact invaded the soviet union


germany seized this city in 1941
food had to be rationed

maginot line

where the french troops waited for the germans

winston churchill

met with roosevelt in the atlantic making the Atlantic charter which was the final destruction of nazi tyranny and for post war world


german air force
bombed airfields factories towns and cities

big 3

roosevelt churchill stalin
all agreed to focus on finishing the war in euro before trying to end the war in asia

final solution-of the jewish problem

genocide of all euro jews

death camps (concentration camps)

hitler built them in poland
killed millions of men women and children
became known as the HOLOCAUST


sections of cities where the jewish people were confined
many died from starvation disease overwork and there harsh elements

lend lease act

allowed far to sell or lend war materials to "any country whose defense the president deems vital to defense of the US"

pearl harbour

1941 japan air bombed american fleet at pearl harbor in Hawaii
US declared war on Japan
Germany and Italy declared war on the US


hoped to expand japans empire
US interfered with his plans

total war

channeling of nations entire resources into a war effort.
allies committed to total war to defeat axis war machines

rosie the riveter

symbol of the woman workers in factories during the war to held the war efforts

battle of coral sea

japan suffered their first serious set back
war was fought in the air

battle of midway

fought in air
devastating blow for japan

teheran conference

1943-churchill and Roosevelt yielded to stalin to let borders outlined in nazi soviet pact stand against the wishes of pollards gov -in exile
stalin wanted to open a 2nd front against germany in western europe -relieve pressure on soviet union

yalta conference

3 leaders agreed that soviet union would enter war with japan within three months of germany's surrender
stalin was promised that the soviet would take possession of southern sakhalin island krill island korea zone
germany would be temporarily divided into 4 zones (US french brit and soviet forces)

battle of alamein

after allies finally halted desert fox's advance
allied tanks drove the axis back

island hopping

recapture some japanese held islands while passing by others

d day

1944 allies launched surprise invasion of normandy in france


1945 allies raid on dresden
not industrial target, considered one of the most beautiful cities in euro

Bataan death march

1942- 65 miles japan gained control of Philippines
american soldiers and filipino soldiers walked the death march

iwo jima

blood battle was fought in 1945
japanese showed that they would fight to the death rather than surrender

kamikaze pilots

japanese men who undertook suicide missions
crashed explosive-laden airplanes into US war ships

Manhattan project

research made by german, allied scientists
harness the atom=> atomic bomb


1945 american plane chopped atomic bomb over this city


where the second atomic bomb was dropped from the US

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