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Case Studies

Selected case study specifics for Geography GCSE OCR B
How many people died in the Japanese Earthquake?
approximately 18,000
How many people lost their homes in the Japanese Earthquake and why?
530,000 because more than 50,000 homes were damaged
How much did the Japanese Earthquake cost in damages?
estimated $150 billion
How many countries offered aid to Japan?
91 countries offered aid
Between what plates does Japan lie on, what type of plate boundary is this?
It lies on a destructive plate boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Eurasian Plate.
How big was the Japanese Earthquake?
9.0 magnitude on the Richter Scale
Between which plates did the Haiti earthquake lie, what type of plate boundary is this?
It lies on a conservative plate boundary between the North American plate and the Caribbean plate.
How big was the Haiti earthquake?
It measured 7.0 on the Richter scale
How many people died in the Haiti earthquake?
230,000 people dead
How many people were left homeless in the Haiti earthquake?
1.5 million
How much did the Haiti earthquake cost in damages?
How long did aid in Haiti take to arrive and why?
48 hours due to problems at the airport
How many troops did the USA send to Haiti?
The USA sent 10,000 troops
How many people live in Kibera?
1 million
How many children die before they are 5 in Kibera?
every 1 in 5
How many orphans are caused by HIV/AIDS in Kibera?
Up to how many people in Kibera share a toilet?
How much will electricity cost per shack from the kenyan government in its development scheme?
300 shillings
In China how many people were unemployed in 2004 in rural areas?
In China how many rural people were living in Poverty?
26.1 million
How many children in rural areas, China couldn't go to Primary School?
1.1 million
How many Chinese cities have no water treatment plans?
How many people in China send money home to Rural areas?
130 million
In Sheffield how much did the council invest in the train station?
In Sheffield how much did the council invest in the Peace Gardens and the Winter Gardens?
£130 million
By how much did takings fall in the city centre due to Meadowhall?
How many free parking spaces does Meadowhall have?
How much of Coca Cola's investment did the Indian Government give back as cash back?
How many external job does one factory job in Coca-Cola create?
How much did Coca-Cola invest in India in 2003?
$10 million
How much did Coca-Cola spend on raw materials from India?
$300 million
How much water does Coca-Cola extract from rivers each day?
510,000 litres
In the Pearl River Delta how many people are employed in industry?
30 million
how many rainfalls are acid rain in the Pearl River Delta?
How much was the Guandong province awarded by the World Bank for water pollution?
$96 million
How many water treatment plants did they aim to create in the Pearl River Delta and how much would it reduce sewage by?
30 plants that would reduce sewage by 85%
In Bratislava how many people does Volkswagen employ?
How much did Hyundai invest in its Kilina factory?
$1.4 billion
How many cars does Peugoet's factory in Slovakia make?
300,000 cars a year
How much of Mali is considered to be desert/semi-desert?
How much of Mali does not have access to safe water supplies?
How many people did water aid help gain water?