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Facts in Thoracic Imaging

DDX: calcified lymph nodes

silicosis,TB, treated lymphoma, granulomatous- sarcoidosis, histoplasmosis,

Absent lung on V/Q

#1 cause, bronchogenic carcinoma

Left sided SVC drains into:

coronary sinus. Left SVC is a rare anomaly <0.5%, assoc: CHD, absent left brachiocephalic artery

Moderator Band

Muscular band of heart tissue in the RIGHT ventricle. Used to ID right side on prenatal US.

Causes of pulmonary arterial hypertension

mitral stenosis, Eisenmenger, centrilobular emphysema, diffuse interstitial fibrosis, chronic PE, schistosomiasis

finding: central enlargement w/periph. pruning

Findings in pulmonary venous hypertension

redistribution / cephalization, Kerley B, peribronchial cuffing

"domed" aortic valve in cardiac MR

indirect sign of bicuspid valve (or at least aortic stenosis)

Causes of aortic stenosis

#1 congenital: bicuspid valve most common; #2 acquired: most common rheumatic heart disease

Isolated acute RUL edema

acute mitral regurgitation from MI

Left Atrial Pressures: 5-10 _____, 10-15 ______, 15-20 ________, >25 _______

Normal 5-10, Cephalization 10-15, Kerley Lines 15-20, Interstitial 20-25, Alveolar >25.

Alveoli development complete at what age?

8 years old.

Most common Pancoast tumor pathology?

Squamous cell carcinoma

Most common metastasis to the pericardium

Bronchogenic carcinoma.
ddx: melanoma, breast, colon

Hibernating myocardium. Contractility, FDG and Ammonia response

Contractility decreased. FDG same or increased. Ammonia decreased.

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