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What was the art and architecture like that survived during the gupta empire?

Temples , Towers, stupas, monuments, paintings, and statues

How did Faxion describe the gupta empire?

Rich and prosperous people. punishments were fair. No capital punishment.

How did his conversion Ahsoka's rule over the eauryan empire?

He began to promote a policy of right conduct

When did the Gupta empire reach its height?

AD 320

Describe the goods that were traded during the gupta empire.

Cashmere, cotton, ivory, spices from foriegn silk, roman ceramics.

What caused the decline of the mauryan empire

Ahsoka died. central control weakened. the last mauryan emporer was killed.

How did the greek ambassador megasthenes describe the capital of the mauryan empire?

Great prosperity, palaces, temples, and parks

How did Chandragupta ensure a strong centralized government in India?

He gained control and began surrounding kingdoms.

Which indian group fished?


Why do scholars believe that olmec influenced other mesoamerican civilizations?

They controlled a large trade network. Their religions and beliefs spread to other mesoamerican societies

What did the zapotec the toltec and maya culteres have in common?

They all lived in the highlands

Why the tula a major center for trade?

It was located near obsidian mines

Why were nobles forced to move to xianyang under the rule of Shi Huangdi

To strengthen security

Why the Han develop a civil service system?

They wanted obedience to the emporer

Why did the Han Dynasty fall?

High taxes and weak rulers

What was the result of the revilt and unrest during the later han dynasty caused by court intrigues and a widening gap between rich and poor?

warfare tore the region apart

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