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Aritcle 1

Constitution Test
How many member are there to be in the house?
435 members
What is the term of office for a representative?
2 years
How is the number of reps. determined for each state?
The # of reps. cannot be greater than 1 for every 30,000 citizens
Who may vote for members of the House?
The people of the United States elect their rep.
What qualifications must a person meet to be a Representative?
25+ years old, 7+ years of US citizenship, must reside in the state from which he is elected
What is the title of the presiding officer of the House?
The Speak of the House, who is chosen by the reps.
a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office
What is the impeachment power of the House?
Only the representatives have the power to impeach
What is the term of office of a Senator?
6 years
How we determine the # of Senators from each state?
There are two Senators per state, 100 in all
How were Senators chosen before 1913?
Senators were chosen by state legislatures.
What are the qualifications for a Senator?
30+ years old, 9+ years of citizenship, must reside in state from which he is elected
Who serves as the presiding officer of the Senate? Can he vote?
The vice president is the President of Senate, he can only vote if Senate is equally divided
What role does the Senate play in impeachment cases? How may a convicted official be punished.
Senate has the sole power to try all impeachment cases. If the Senate convicts the official he is automatically removed from his position in office, and he can still be prosecuted under any criminal law that applies.
Who controls the time, place, and manner of holding election for members of Congress?
the State Legislature
What special privileges do the member of Congress have? Restrictions?
They cannot be sued for their opinion, free from civil arrest, and have free health care. They are restricted from not getting arrested for criminal acts.
What is the process by which a bill becomes a law?
1. Must pass the HoR and Senate
2. President will sign it, if not, he vetoes the bill and Congress will need a 2/3 popular to vote to pass the law.
3. If the president ignores the bill, it will automatically become a law in 10 days.
In which house must revenue bills originate? Why?
The HoR, it is more closely related to the People, and it is linked to taxation with representation
What is meant by "reserved powers"?
States and poeple have the power for what isn't specigically given to federal government, like the education system
What is meant by "delegated powers"?
The powers reserved to the federal governmeant
What power does Congress have to raise money?
The power to tax and collect duties
What is the Commerce Clause?
It gives Congress the power to make national and international trade.
What is naturalization?
becoming a citizen of a counrty that you were not born in
What powers to Congress have to establish uniform standards to aid trade and the economy?
Congress can coin money, issue currency, and establish post offices
What militarty powers does Congress have?
Declare war, has the duty to support, raise, and train the military
What does "necessary and proper'mean according to the elastic clause?
The unwritten powers given to Congress
What is the elastic clause?
It give Congress the power to stretch laws based on the validity of the time
What is meant by Habeas Corpus?
An officer needs to tell the person getting arrested why they are under arrest
What is a Bill of Attainder?
Finding a person guilty of a crime without a trial (this is illegal).
What is an "Ex Post Factor" law?
A law that changes the legal consequences of an action after said action was committed.
What actions are forbidden to the States?
States cannot: carry out foreign affairs, coin money, pass bills of attainder or ex post facto laws, pass laws that void contracts, or tax im/exports.
What war powers are denied to the States?
States cannot: declare war, keep an army or tonnage duties.