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The Taft-Hartley Act delivered a major blow to labor by

outlawing the closed (all-union) shops

One the home front in 1946, postwar America was characterized by

an epidemic of labor strikes

The Taft-Hartley Act was passed to check the growing power of

labor unions

In an effort to forestall an economic downturn after the end of WWII, Truman did all of the following except

continue wartime wage and price controls

The feminist revolt of the 1960s was sparked by

a clash between the demands of the traditional role of women as wives and mothers and the realities of employment

The long economic boom from WWII to the 70s was fueled primarily by

reduced military expenditures

Much of the prosperity of the 1950s and 1960s rested on

colossal military budgets

Post-WWII American workers made spectacular gains in productivity owing to

their rising education levels

Since 1945, population in the US has grown most in the


The rapid rise of suburbia in post-WWII America can be attributed to

all of the above

The huge baby boom crested in the

late 1950s

The baby-boom generation will create a major problem in the future by

placing an enormous strain on the Social Security system.

The US believed that it was desirable to have the Soviets participate in the projected invasion of Japan because

the Soviets could help control the Chinese Communists

The origins of the Cold War lay in a fundamental disagreement between the US and the Soviet Union over postwar arrangements in

Eastern Europe

Joseph Stalins postwar security concerns focused primarily on

Eastern Europe

The responsibility for starting the Cold War rests with the

Soviet Union and United States

American policies against the Soviet Union were based on the assumption that the Soviet Union was inherently


The immediate concern that prompted the announcement of the Truman Doctrine was related to the events in

Greece and Turkey

Under the Truman Doctrine, the US pledged to

support those who were resisting subjugation by Communists

President Trumans Marshall Plan called for

military aid for Europe

All of the following objected to President Trumans support for the establishment of the state of Israel except

Americas European allies

The US participation in NATO

all of the above

Postwar Japan

was, like Germany, divided into Allied occupation zones

Chang Jieshi and the Nationalist Government lost the Chinese civil war to the communists and Mao Ze-dong mainly because

the communists were closer to traditional Chinese culture

In an effort to detect Communists within the government, Truman established the

Loyalty Review Board

In 1948, many southern Democrats split from the party because

they found the Republican candidate, Thomas Dewey, more sympathetic to their conservative technology

President Trumans domestic welfare legislative plan was called the

Fair Deal

Trumans actions upon hearing of the invasion of South Korea illustrated his commitment to a foreign policy of


Truman relieved MacArthur from command of the United Nations troops in Korea when

MacArthur began to take issue publicly with presidential policies

Nixon was selected as Eisenhowers VP running mate in 1952 as a concession to the

hard line anticommunists

In terms of politics, television did all of the following except

enable political parties to continue their role of educating and mobilizing the electorate

Eisenhowers greatest asset as president was his

enjoyment of the affection and respect of the American people

Among anticommunists, Joseph McCarthy was the

one who most damaged free speech

The record would seem to indicate that Eisenhowers strongest commitment was to

social harmony

In response to McCarthy, Eisenhower

allowed him to control personnel policy at the State Department

Senator McCarthy first rose to national prominence by

charging that dozens of known Communists were working within the US State Department

Senator McCarthys crusade ended when he

alleged that there were Communists in the army

In an effort to overturn Jim Crow laws and the segregated system that they had created, African-Americans used all of the following methods except

appeals to foreign governments to pressure the US to establish racial justice

Eisenhowers attitude toward racial justice can be best described as

very supportive

Eisenhowers policies towards Native Americans included

a return to the assimilation goals of the Dawes Act of 1887

The bracero program between the US and Mexico involved

legally importing Mexican farmers to work in the US

During his presidency, Eisenhower accepted the principle and extended benefits of

Social Security

Eisenhowers New Look foreign policy in the 1950s planned for

greater reliance on air power and the deterrent power of nuclear weapons

In 1956, when Hungary revolted against the Soviet Union, the US

did nothing to help

The leader of the nationalist movement in Vietnam since WWI was

Ho Chi Minh

The 1955 Geneva Conference

called for two Vietnams to hold national elections within two years

In 1956 the US condemned ______ for being the aggressors of the Suez Canal Crisis

Britain and France

During the 1950s, the CIA engineered pro-American political coups in both

Iran and Guatemala

The 1957 Eisenhower Doctrine empowered the president to extend the economic and military aid to nations of ________ that wanted to help resist communist aggression

Middle East

In response to the launching of Sputnik in 1957,

Eisenhower said that this event should not cause one iota of concern

Which of the following is least related to the other four?

Landrum-Griffith Act

The Paris Summit conference scheduled for 1960 was aborted by the

U-2 incident

By the end of the 1950s, Latin American anger towards the US had intensified because Washington had done all of the following except

allow Cuba to fall into the hands of the Communists

The affluent life style developed in America during the 1950s was stimulated mainly by

the new technology of television

All of the following were harbingers off the emerging new lifestyle of leisure and affluence except

the maturity of radio

Compared to WWI, the literary outpouring from WWII can be described as

less realistic

Many of the better now poets in the post-WWII era

comitted suicide

In the 1950s, the key to economic growth rested in


In the 1950s, the work force began to change when

white-collar workers outnumbered blue-collar workers

Between 1950 and 1980, the majority of newly created jobs in the clerical and service fields were held by


Sports reflected the population shift toward the West and South

when baseballs Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moved to California

Several critics of the new consumerism of the 1950s charged that the American people

had developed into a generation of conformists

In her book the Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedman discusses

the stifling boredom of suburban housewifery

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