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Ego defense: Tantrums

Acting out

Ego defense: Multiple/new personality


Ego defense: Denial is associated with

AIDs, Cancer pts

Ego defense: Mother places blame on child because she is mad at her husband

("victim" is Neutral)

Ego defense: Men obsessing on sports games

Fixation (partially remaining at a child like state, not complete regression)

Ego defense: Abused child identifies himself/herself as an abuser


Ego defense: Describing a murder with no emotion

Isolation of affect (emotional separation)

Ego defense:A man who wants another woman thinks is wife is cheating on him

Projection (unacceptable internal impulse is attributed to an external source)

Ego defense: After getting fired, claiming that the job was not important anyway

Rationalization (Proclaiming logic to avoid self blame)

Ego defense: A pt libidinous thoughts enters a monastery

Reaction Formation (warded of thought is replaced by emphasis on opposite)

Ego defense: Children under a new stress become more infantile


Ego defense: Not remembering a traumatic event


Ego defense: Pt saying all nurses are cold and all doctors are good people


Mature Defenses

Suppression, Humor, Sublimination, Suppression

Infantile Deprivation Sx

Weak, Wordless, Wanting, Wary

Physical Abuse findings

Subdural Hematoma
Retinal Hemorrage/detachment
Healed Fractures

Onset of ADD

before 7

Conduct Disorder continuing after 18 is

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Separation Anxiety Disorder ages

around 7-9 yoa

Rett's Ages

1-4 yoa

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Sx

"SLIM progress"
Social, Language, Incontinence, Motor

Asperger's Sx

Milder autism. Often normal intelligence
All absorbing behavior and repetitive behaviors

X-linked, loss of vertebral development

(+hand wringing, retardation)

Boys die in utero


NTs: Anxiety

↑ NE

NTs: Depression

↓ NE ↓ 5HT ↓ D

NTs: Alzheimer


NTs: Parkinson's Dz

pArkinson'S Dz
↑ ACh ↑Serotonin/5HT

NTs: Huntington's Dz


Order of Loss of Orientation

Time the Place then Self

Korsakoff's Amnesia

B1 deficiency
Destruction of Mammillary bodies

Delirium Traits

Waxing/waning concsiousness
↓ attention/arousal
Altered Sleep wake cycle

Negative Sx of Schizophrenia

Flat affect, social withdrawal, lack of motivation, lack of speech/thought

Schizo types/times

Brief Psychotic Disorder <1mos
Schizophreniform 1-6 mos
Schizophrenia >6mos
Schizoaffective (Schiz + another symptom)

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