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  1. Model
  2. Responding Variable
  3. Science
  4. Replicate
  5. Dependent Variable
  1. a alternative term for the dependant variable
  2. b the methodological studying of the natural world through experimentation and verification of facts.
  3. c is used to represent things we cannot directly study.
  4. d changes as a result of the changes in the Independent Variable.
  5. e to repeat a research study, usually with different participants and in different situations, to confirm the results of the original study

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  1. something that can affect how the results of an experiment are viewed
  2. an attitude of doubt
  3. a possible explanation for what you observe (that you might assume is true)
  4. A simple statement predicting the result of a controlled scientific experiment.
  5. observations made by using measuring instruments. (number-based observations)

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  1. Graphvisual display of information or data


  2. Scientific methodscientific statement that is well tested, supported, and verifiable.


  3. bar graphvisual display of information or data


  4. Datatrue statement


  5. Facttrue statement