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  1. Data
  2. Inference
  3. Graph
  4. Scientific Law
  5. Dependent
  1. a visual display of information or data
  2. b scientific statement that is well tested, supported, and verifiable.
  3. c evidence gathered through observations (especially during experiments)
  4. d this variable data is plotted on the vertical (y) axis of a graph
  5. e a possible explanation for what you observe (that you might assume is true)

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  1. changes as a result of the changes in the Independent Variable.
  2. The number of subjects used in an experiment or study. Generally, the larger the better.
  3. a standard to compare with the results in an experiment.
  4. an attitude of doubt
  5. understanding basic scientific terms and principles

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  1. Observationto use of your senses to gather quantitative or qualitative information


  2. Responding Variablechanges as a result of the changes in the Independent Variable.


  3. Hypothesisthe quality of lacking any predictable order or plan,best defense against bias


  4. Manipulated variablealternative term for the dependant variable


  5. Qualitative Observationsobservations made by using measuring instruments. (number-based observations)


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