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major leader of the Bolsheviks, engaging personality, ruthless leader, excellent organizer, father of revolutionary, before Stalin


noble man, claimed to have healing powers that could heal anyone


local councils of peasants, workers, etc


communist dictator, harsh, ruthless, Lenin saw him as threat, Stalin was in total command of gov, killed opponent Trotsky to become dictator.


government that has total power over everything, public and private life

Great Purge

Stalin launched campaign of terror directed at eliminating anyone that threatened his power.

5 year plan

Stalins development of Soviet economy

Mao Zedong

Communist revolutionary leader of China

Jiang Jieshi

nationalist leader of China. feared communists followed Soviets beliefs, Jiang promised democracy and gov become slowly less democratic and more corrupt.

Long March

thousand mile journey of communists fleeing from Jiang and the Nationalists


religious approach to violence, used non-agression and attracted many people because of this. Lead Salt March by using peace

Great Depression

economic fall that followed US collapse of economy/stock market... 1929


Political movement that promotes nationalism, denial of individual rights. Hitler and Mussolini used this form of Communism.


Italian dictator, founded Fascist gov, harsh dictator

Adolf Hitler

Facist political leader formed Nazi Party, only believed that Aryan race could exist. He executed 6 million Jews and 11 million people in total, wrote Mein Kempf

Weinmar Republic

republic established in Germany


policy of avoiding political or military involvement with other countries

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