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Josef Goebbels Minister of Propaganda

13 March 1933

Dachau concentration camp

22 March 1933

State Parliaments removed

31 March 1933

Trade Unions banned

02 May 1933

Nazis become only party

July 1933

Concordat with Pope

20 July 1933

New Plan


Reich Church

September 1933

Strength Through Joy


Gestapo set up

20 April 1934

Confessional Church

May 1934

Night of the Long Knives

30 June 1934

Death of Hindenburg

02 August 1934

Hitler becomes Fuhrer

02 August 1934

Schacht becomes Minister of Economy

August 1934

Beauty of Labour


Reich Labour Service

26 June 1935

Nuremberg Laws

15 September 1935

Hitler Youth Law


Berlin Olympic Games

01 August 1936

Four Year Plan

October 1936


28 May 1937

Adolf Hitler schools set up



09 November 1938


01 September 1939

Edelweiss Pirates


First Ghetto

October 1939



Wannsee Conference

20 January 1942

White Rose Group

June 1942

Claus von Stauffenberg

20 July 1944

Liberation by Allies


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