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  1. using degree day models and life history information
  2. the physiological and biochemical derangement produced by the above cause
  3. anterior posterior slits where larva breathe through
  4. hister beetles Found in bloated, decay, and early drying stages Both larvae and adults feed on maggots and puparia
  5. flesh flies (sacrophadigdae)
  1. a First Insect to Arrive
  2. b Mechanism of death
  3. c Histeridae
  4. d Post Mortem Interval
  5. e Spiracles

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  1. Strateomyidae
  2. Bloated
  3. Rate of temperature decrease in 24hr
  4. Intial Decay
  5. Algor Mortis

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  1. the fashion in which the cause of death came into beingManner of death


  2. A scientist who uses insects to help solve crimeForensic Entomologist


  3. head, thorax, abdomen, six legs, and wingsMummification


  4. PigAnimal used in research


  5. Tissue breakdown the body's own internal chemicals and enzymesActive Decay