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  1. Flesh of creamy consistence with exposed parts black. Body collapse as gases escapes. Odor of decay very strong
  2. blow flies Different species have different habitats - light vs. dark
  3. the fashion in which the cause of death came into being
  4. rove beetles Arrive a few hours after a death Are active throughout decomposition process
  5. flesh flies (sacrophadigdae)
  1. a First Insect to Arrive
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d Black Putrefaction
  5. e Manner of death

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  1. Phoridae
  2. Dry Decay
  3. Death Investigation
  4. ADH ATB
  5. Histeridae

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  1. using degree day models and life history informationPost Mortem Interval


  2. the disease process or injury responsible for initaiting the train of events which produces deathAlgor Mortis


  3. solider flies Larvae feed on human excrement and remains Are found late in decomposition process


  4. Pinic Beetle Dermestid BeetleDried Remarks


  5. The breakdown of tissues by bacteria. These processes release gases that are the chief source of the characteristic odor of dead bodiesPutrefaction