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  1. carrion beetles Buries small carcasses Adults feed on maggots and carrion
  2. Temperature*hour
  3. humpback flies Larvae feed on decaying bodies Some species can burrow to a depth of 50cm over four days Important in buried bodies
  4. temperature, access by inescts, burial, burial depth, access of animals, humdity, dryness, rainfall, body size, clothing, surface the body rest on, and trauma
  5. anterior posterior slits where larva breathe through
  1. a ADH ATB
  2. b Influences rate of decomposition
  3. c Phoridae
  4. d
  5. e Spiracles

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  1. Rigor Mortis

  2. Sacrophagidae
  3. Advanced Decay
  4. Dried Remarks

  5. Staphylinidae

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  1. elected by political offical, 2-4 years in office, no medical trainingMedical Examiner


  2. using degree day models and life history informationPost Mortem Interval


  3. Change in temperature after death, Most useful indicator of the time of death during first 24 hoursCause of death


  4. Appointed by local or state offical; serves continously; medical degreeCoroner


  5. solider flies Larvae feed on human excrement and remains Are found late in decomposition process