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  1. Blowf Fly Screw Worm Fly
  2. Settling of blood in the body gives off a bluish-purple color
  3. Cadaver drying out, some flesh remains at first and cheesy odor develops, neutral surface moldy from fermentation
  4. carpet beetles Larvae and adults feed on dry skin and hairs
  5. Tissue breakdown the body's own internal chemicals and enzymes
  1. a Livor Mortis
  2. b Butyric Fermentation
  3. c Dermestids
  4. d Fresh
  5. e autolysis

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  1. Putrefaction
  2. Dried Remarks
  3. Medical Examiner
  4. Advanced Decay

  5. Calliphoridae

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  1. elected by political offical, 2-4 years in office, no medical trainingMedical Examiner


  2. 1.5 degree Celsius per hourADH ATB


  3. Flesh of creamy consistence with exposed parts black. Body collapse as gases escapes. Odor of decay very strongForensic Entomologist


  4. the fashion in which the cause of death came into beingManner of death


  5. Change in temperature after death, Most useful indicator of the time of death during first 24 hoursForensic Entomologist