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  1. A scientist who uses insects to help solve crime
  2. carpet beetles Larvae and adults feed on dry skin and hairs
  3. temperature, access by inescts, burial, burial depth, access of animals, humdity, dryness, rainfall, body size, clothing, surface the body rest on, and trauma
  4. Blowf Fly Screw Worm Fly
  5. 1.5 degree Celsius per hour
  1. a Forensic Entomologist
  2. b Dermestids
  3. c Influences rate of decomposition
  4. d Fresh
  5. e Rate of temperature decrease in 24hr

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  1. Histeridae
  2. Intial Decay
  3. Medical Examiner

  4. Strateomyidae
  5. History Taken

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  1. Cadaver drying out, some flesh remains at first and cheesy odor develops, neutral surface moldy from fermentationForensic Entomologist


  2. elected by political offical, 2-4 years in office, no medical trainingCoroner


  3. PigADH ATB


  4. carrion beetles Buries small carcasses Adults feed on maggots and carrionDermestids


  5. humpback flies Larvae feed on decaying bodies Some species can burrow to a depth of 50cm over four days Important in buried bodiesPhoridae