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the plague

disease traveled on rats by the fleas

ancient text

texts that were found in graves, brings new ideas/education




the study of people/leads to study of nature


importance of the self and succeeding through your own accomplishments


applies plato's ideas to renaissance time

orthogonal lines

invisible guide lines that radiate out from the vanishing point


a point of view that makes things look far away, up close, or 3D


use of shadow to create depth


hips and shoulders turned to show emotion


individual regions ruled centrally from a single city

four causes of the renaissance

plague, ancient text, church corruption, and city states


rebirth, it was a time when people shared new ideas and invented new things that made more ideas


wrote a book called "the prince"


invented the printing press and helped martin luther spread his word about the church.

medici family

they created banking

order of the feudal triangle

king, higher nobles, lower nobles, and the peasants

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