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Full of, marked by
-ion, ition, ation, tion;
example; occasion, addition,
An act, result or process, state
civility;captivity; generosity
a suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state or condition.
like, of the nature of; in a certain manner, characteristic of
means, result, action, process
-ness, tude, ty
quality, state
doer, office, action
marked by, given to
art or skill of
apt to, showing
act, state, quality
in the direction of
characterized by,
inclined to, tend to
-s, es
makes a noun plural
-al/-ical as in official
related to
-ant as in pleasant
related to
-ful as in harmful
full of
like, similar to
-ive as in active
tending toward action
to the extreme
-ous; as in dangerous
full of
to throw
to cover
characterized by; like; to some degree; inclined to. (adj)
-er; est
one who, that which, or more
order, condition, quality
full of, characterized by
-ible visible
to be able or capable of
cut down, kill
the study of
a specialist in the study of
-ship; as in sportsmanship
state or quality of being
full of or having the qualities of; in chemistry, a suffix denoting that the element indicated by the name bearing it
Latin: suffix; quality of, act of, process, function, condition, or place; forms nouns that denote an action; a product of an action; a place, an abode
Latin: adjective suffix signifying action or being; performing a particular acion
a place for; a collection of or relating to a condition
Latin: a suffix; to act in a certain way; to treat in a certain way; to make into; to treat with; to do; to make; to cause
-ious; spacious, gracious
Latin: suffix; forming adjectives; inclined to, given to, tendency to be, abounding in
able/ible adjective
Example: edible, presentable
suffix expressing ability; CAPABLE OF BEING
having characteristics of
-ed; verb
shouted; planted
past-tense verbs
-en; adjective
made of
-er;-or; noun
teacher; doctor
one who does _______;
teach(er), fight(er), offic(er), act(or), bak(er)
-er; adjective
a suffix regularly used in forming the comparative degree of adjectives: harder; smaller .
-est; adjective
warmest; fastest; soonest.
a suffix forming the superlative degree of adjectives and adverbs: warmest; fastest; soonest.
Noun suffix that refers to a person.
One who, that which
Suffix (noun)