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Czar Alexander II

abolished serfdom, believed that Russia had to follow the model of Western countries to grow strong

Collective Farming

a large farm with machinery of small farms bought together by the government

New Economic Plan

Lenin introduced aspects of capitalism into communism;


wealthy farms

White Man's Burden

viewed all dark skinned people as inferior

Adolf Hitler

German Nazi dictator who used propaganda and extreme violence to enforce his racist and nationalist views

Bolshevik Revolution

(Oct.19.1917) Lenin promised the people peace, bread & land; seized power from the provisional government

Guiseppe Manzzini

started Young Italy, members wanted to set up a republic with a capital of Rome

Count Camillio Cavour

Prime Minister of Sardina, built alliance with Britian and France against Russia

Giuseppe Garibaldi

commander of the Red Shirts, a group of Italian patriots

Otto von Bismarck

Prussian prime minister and Germany's first chancellor; opposed democracy wanted to
strengthen power of the king

Balfour Decree (Declaration)

a statement issued in1917 by British government supporting the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine

Klemens von Metternich

Austrian prince and delegate at the Congress of Vienna

Power Keg of Europe

The southeaster area of Europe, the Balkans, or the __________ because of the nationalistic spirit that was causing revolts and rebellion in that area prior to WWII

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Bolshevik leader who seized control of Russia in 1917,studied works of Karl Marx devoted life to overthrowing czar rule.

United Nations

an international organization created to promote national self-determination, human rights, and coorperation among nations

Berlin Airlift

dropped supplies in West Berlin after Stalin closed the boarders

Treaty of Versailles

the settlement made with Germany at the end of WWI that called for territorial changes, reparations & German demilitarization

Industrial Revolution

a period of change in the methods of producing goods and organizing labor, that began in Britain in the 1700s

Reign of Terror

a period when brutal measures were used to eliminate enemies and critics of the revolutionary republic set up in France

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