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Ancient Greeks often believed that gods and goddesses would communicate by speaking through __________.


The Greek "father" god was named _______.


In Greece, governments controlled by groups of wealthy landowners or "best men" were called _________________.


Traveling poets were most influential in the spread of information

during the Homeric age

The hoplites were

non-noble soldiers

Tyrants took ruling power against the will of the people



rule by the best

greek religion focused on salvation and preparation for the afterlife


Human emotions, gods and heroes are all represented in

all of the above

Homer's The Iliad became the greeks source for

religious thought

The aristocrats shared power with a group of priests


Pericles rebuilt Athens and constructed this masterpiece. Name it.

The Parthenon

__________ brought prosperity to Athens, but at the cost of other city-states.


Disease and lack of allies contributed to the defeat of __________ in the Peloponnesian War.


The ________ were the result of Greek uprisings in Asia Minor.

Persian Wars

The Delian League provided city-states with security, but lessened independence


The Spartans sacrificed many soldiers at the

Battle of Thermopylae

The Delian League united greek city-states under the leadership of


Which of the following statements about the Peloponnesian War is false

Pericles led the Spartans in the war

Athenians believed in spending money on

public buildings

Which of the following statements is not true?

Themistocles held back Xerxes army at the Battle of Thermopylae

the athenian leader _________ sank most of the persian fleet at salamis


_________ believed that perfection existed in theory but not reality.


The Socratic Method used ________ to teach.



means lover of wisdom

Who wanted a society without the "weaknesses of rule by inheritance"?


Who theorized that atoms combined and collided?


Aristotle's technique of gathering as much information as possible and ___________ it contributed to modern science.


Hippocrates taught that disease was the result of

natural causes

in his philosophy of the divine worker plato believed that

human beings contained two parts, the body and the soul, and to come in contact with the divine one must be reincarnated

pythagoras believed

that all things in nature could be explained in a mathematical equation

thucydides studied history to

understand human nature and find the truth about events

a _________ was not considered to be a philosopher in Greek society


greek philosophers tried to

discover truth through reasoning

aristophanes was one of the great writers of realistic greek tragedies


plato's idea of a perfect society is described in


plato believed that the soul and the body were separate but would be reunited through reincarnation


the purpose of the olympic games was

to honor Zeus

early philosophers were called cosmologists because they

studied the nature of the universe

Delian League

unified city-states

Which philosophers opened their own school?

Aristotle & Plato

How did Philip II of Macedon die?

He was assassinated

In battle, Philip II used the __________, a military formation that armed soldiers with spears and placed them in ranks.


Before Philip II of Macedon died he fulfilled his goal of

uniting Greece

Alexander the Great died of ________ in 326 B.C.


Alexander the Great was a masterful _______.

military strategist

___________ was greatly influenced by the time that he spent as a Greek prisoner.

Philip II of Macedon

socrates ideas were passed on through the work of


which of the following predictions would most likely be true if Alexander had not died at a young age?

Alexander's empire will grow even larger

Which statement is not true

Philip II was born in a peaceful nation

who was Alexander's tutor


the lands which alexander the great attempted to conquer stretched from the Indus Valley to eastern China coast


The _________ ended the Hellenistic era


demosthenes was an orator meaning that he was a

public speaker

Alexander the Great's goal was to

unite the world into a single empire

as a result of philip ii's victory in the battle of chaeronea

Greece became united


led the Athenian opposition to Philip

The Socratic Method was based on

asking questions

Philip II if Macedon was greatly influenced by ________

his Greek imprisonment

The Peloponnesian War was won by



rows of soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder

after alexander the great death the empire was split into all of the following except


alexander's success was based on his spartan-like training


Who was the Greek mathematician that discovered the formulas for the area and volume of various geometric figures?


_________ philosophy influenced Roman and Christian thinking.


Which of the following has been given credit for helping to development the mathematic discipline of geometry?


Pergamum and Alexandria were both __________________.

home to great libraries

philip ii of macedon army based their attacks around the use of

the phalanx

hellenistic geographers believed the world was flat


euclid was important to the development of



calculated the distance around Earth

Traders were part of the _______ class


The Skeptics taught that

All knowledge is uncertain

the hellenistic age was a time of great advancements in all of the following areas except

religious tolerance

ruler-worship provided people with a replacement for the faltering polis


Hellenism is a blend of

Greek, Mediterranean, and Asian cultures

Archimedes did not ________

write Elements of Geometry

___________ is the idea that people should live simply and that there is no need for a central state


all of the following theories were developed during the hellenistic age except

the theory of evolution and the origin of mankind

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